Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Solaris Sea Salt Honey Caramel Spread

Im down to the last product for photoshoot for the day and I saved the best for last! This spreads, by the sound of it tastes delicious already! Specially the Sea Salt Honey Caramel Spread... i cant help myself opening the small jar without asking and man it was..ugh.. delicious. Its like this local delicacy called Yema only melted... Its so good. It has this sweetness and has this salty after taste. Its really good...

Partner it with your favorite crackers. Dunk it in and enjoy its flavorful taste.  

It also has another flavor, the Sea Salt Lo-glycemic Caramel. It tastes good as well but i really like the Sea Salt Honey Caramel. I think im gonna buy 2 of these once it hits the LivingSocial website. You have to try it as well. You wont regret it! 

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