Saturday, March 10, 2012

Three-Sixty Bar and Restaurant

Three-Sixty Bar and Restaurant is one of the places that gives you that "Wow" factor. The place itself is on party mode! They are tied up with Absolut Vodka and if you happen to love Absolut, this place is perfect for you. Its been a while since my last photoshoot outside the office. Three-Sixty happens to be the best comeback shoot for me. I started working with this Prawns over here wrapped in Lumpia wrapper. This one is awesome. It tastes so good and the idea is very clever as well.  

Next up is this very appetizing stir fried rice with two kinds of "dilis" or dried fish, eggs, some tomatoes and dried garlic.. this is a piece of heaven right here. Writing this blog actually makes me really hungry... Got to try this one out. Its really good...

 Do you eat Buchi? If you do., you'l love this one! Its like any other Buchi but the insides is something different. It has a Ferrero Rocher Chocolate in it! Amazing huh?! Its kinda pricey though since three of this costs around 200 pesos! =) Kinda expensive for a Buchi trio.
The Black Gulaman drink is one of the favorites here in Three-Sixty.

Beef with Broccoli. This dish is really good. Love the taste of Broccoli and the beef is really soft and tender. Its savory and very tasty. Im sure you will love it!    

Another great shoot! Although we waited for quite some time because there were a lot of guests that time.. but its ok. The food actually is worth it. Id like to thank Wendy for assisting me. Also many thanks to Sir Bong! You have been really kind. Thanks for those glasses! I love it!
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