Friday, March 23, 2012

Cafe De Bonifacio

If there is one reason to go to Podium, dining at Cafe de Bonifacio is definitely one of them. Situated at the fifth level of The Podium Mall in Ortigas, this restaurant boasts its amazing Seafood Paella everybody can afford. Through their deal with Ensogo,  this dish only costs 340 pesos and its good for three people and it comes with 3 glasses of their delicious red iced tea. Thats a great deal because this dish costs around 600 plus and you can have it for half the price! 

You also have to try their delicious Kare-Kare. Its really good. It comes with slices of Crispy Talong! Never tried one before and this is my first. I heard of Crispy Kang-kong but talong? Nah never. I had a piece and wow.. its really good! This one made the difference among all the kare-kares I ever tasted. This is a must have at Cafe de Bonifacio.  

Now this one is a great treat. This is Sinigang na Tadyang ng Baka. The soup kinda tastes like Tom Yum! Its a different blend for a sinigang. Im sure you will be surprised. Its really good. Not only the soup tastes delicious, the meat is so soft.. so tender. Biting it would be effortless...

Their Red Iced tea is also delicious. For me, its actually better than Tokyo Tokyo. Great drink. Very refreshing. 

I really enjoyed my shoot at Cafe de Bonifacio. People there are really nice. I would like to thank Sir Fred- for being very accomodating. Thank you sir. Also to Chef Ojie for delighting us with his work of art as a cook. In behalf of Ms. Tin, thank you for having us. Its a pleasure! Click here to buy your vouchers!

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