Saturday, March 24, 2012

G Hotel

Black and White is the theme once you grazed the shiny floors of G Hotel. With matching modern design of its furnitures, this hotel is one of those hotels that has the wow factor. This is one of the most prestigious hotel along roxas blvd. Having a great deal with them sounds really good coz' for sure, dining or staying in a hotel like this in a discounted price is definitely worth for your money. Fine dining experience that fits your budget. Their Crispy Pata is undeniably delicious! Absolutely gratifying! Its so soft, so crunchy. Shooting it makes me mouth-water.  

Not only that, their Kare-Kare is really delicious as well. The beef is so soft and tender. The peanut butter sauce is so good plus their home made bagoong is to die for. One of the best kare-kare dish that I ever tasted.  

Upon serving the iced tea, i knew there was something odd with their glass... And yes the glass is designed to be tilted! This really delicious iced tea is for sure all thumbs up for me. With a dash of mint, it gave a certain taste that is really good and refreshing. 

This is the first thing that you will see once you enter the hotel. That black and white theme looks really good. Leather seats, cow designed rugs. Its just awesome. The place looks really inviting! 

The Crispy Pata still looks good even in a different perspective! Such a great experience shooting at G Hotel. I find their place really nice and the food is one of the best. Chef Mar even shared his life story on how he started his career. From peeling potatoes all the way to becoming an executive chef in one of the finest hotel in the country. Thanks Chef for letting us experience your food. 
So there ya go. Another great place to go, a great place to eat. This is definitely a true value for your money. Their deal will soon be launched at Ensogo in no time. Please do watch out for it. Many thanks also to Ruby and Ms. Vangie.

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