Sunday, September 30, 2012

Gayuma ni Maria

Words are not enough to describe this place. Welcome to Gayuma ni Maria Restaurant over at V.Luna extension in Quezon City. I was fortunate enough to take photos of their delicious desserts. They will launch a deal wth their fabulous line of cakes and pastries at Ensogo. This one on top is their famous Twisted Pavlova. this cake is the one for all you who love fruits. Adorned with such artistry, this cake will surely satisfy your taste.

This cake is called Honeymoon Cake. Its actually a chiffon cake topped with Caramel Candies. Looks very tempting and delicious. Look at that oozing caramel on the side..... Yummy!

What i really like with this restaurant is not only their food is really good, but the way they name their dishes are simply unique. They have cakes called the "Forbidden Love" , "Broken Promises" and my favorite, "Beats Sex Anyday". If you happen to look at their menu, you cant help but smile... :)

Beats Sex Any Day. This cake is my bet for its name alone. Wait till you taste it! I really had a hard time shooting this one coz im mouth-waterring all over! All the cakes looks really delicious. 


I just have to include this. I ordered this one out of curiosity. This dish is called "tuliro". Its basically a nacho salad! I never seen red and purple nachos before. I tell you, this one is really delicious. I love it. Its one of their best sellers.

If you are looking for an interesting place to dine in, drop by Gayuma ni Maria over at V.Luna Extension. Im sure you will be delighted by the names of their food... And of course, how delicious their food is. Definitely im going back. Im going to try some of their great dishes soon. Watch out for their deal at Ensogo. They have great deals on these mouth-waterring cakes. 


  1. Looks really delish! :)

    Some girls and I will try this on the weekend! :)


  2. try their tuliro nachos! its really good!


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