Friday, March 9, 2012

Mesa Restaurant @ Boracay Regency

We begin our food adventures at Mesa Restaurant over at Boracay Regency. This place is very nice. Many people dine here to enjoy their delicious and succulent food. Mesa is well known for their grilled dishes. Abby and I ordered the BBQ platter. It has grilled chicken, grilled liempo, grilled shrimps, BBQ sticks and some mussels coated with this sweet sauce.. very delicious!  

The interior decorating is very earth-toned.. I love those accent lights above. It gave this homey feel. Its like a home at the beach! Very classy and stylish. 

 If you happen to visit Boracay, dont forget to indulge your taste buds at Mesa. Im sure it will captivate your dining experience! By the  way, i dont have a photo of their Calamansi Margarita, abby says its really good! 

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