Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Earth Hour

One hour to make a difference. An hour that affects change. One small deed done by a lot of people is an act that may save us from something unearthly. I dunno your views about earth hour but come on guys,its just one lousy hour. An hour of quiet candlelight moments. An hour of peace and sounds of kuligligs. An hour stuck in mute. Sort of a therapy actually. Its my first time to do take a photo of something during earth hour. I thought of something like this… the candle with glass resembles the sun that radiates the earth with its heat. If it turns out really hot, the encyclopedia will burn and that’s a catastrophe. =)

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Moments After

It’s the end of the day and still no project 365 photo. So I made sure to take a snap of something before I leave the office. This is a top shot., angle lookin down from the ceiling on monochrome – just to add a little character coz the scene is kinda simple. But the best thing about this is the scenes after… that made my night really special. :)

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Tanay, Rizal

Tanay is just a marvelous place to visit. Yesterday,Me and my photography infused friends, gave a visit to a place the locals call “Parola” or Lighthouse. I have been to places like this before which I usually take it for granted more often ignored. Things changed yesterday coz everything that seems ordinary meant something special. Perhaps it’s a sign of aging...hope not :) What am I talking about? Life at its simple ways is sweet. People fishing., kids playing kites., farmers taking care of their crops. Its so simple. No complications., No technicalities. Just plain oL hardcore soil drenching living

. I dunno why am I getting amped on watching snails walk on dirt, lime green colored rice fields or kids playing mataya-taya. Like I said it sweet and simple. One of my favorite sites there is the Lighthouse itself. You’ll see a lot of silhouette shots of it, for me its a personal favorite. Backlit by the colorful hues of the sky. Those gradients of orange.,purple and blues..is just breathtaking. I found myself in some sort of a misery when my foot got soaked in that moist., mushy .,unknown goo drenched earth. Deceiving from afar, the soil seems solid. Still playing safe., I stepped on a rock to give me ledge on shooting a specific foreground.

To my dismay, the rock sunk and scared the shit out of me coz I nearly fell down. My white shoes turned dark khaki.. its crazy. Good thing I brought those Korean baby wipes from the office to wipe some of my miseries. The day ended with a fabulous Japanese dinner at Omakase in Tomas Morato. I ordered my favorite jap dish the tonkatsu. What an interesting day. Its like a good photo, filled with a lot of elements. Elements like traffic, sunsets, witty friends and good food.

Thanks to sir allan for again the pro tips in landscape photography. To pads and marco who takes photography to the next level and takes me with them and to our good Lord who brought light and colors for us to capture. I really had a great time. Till our next shoot!

Friday, March 12, 2010

Dasol, Panggasinan

Dont know where will I start my story. Still thinking of the right words to say. The weekend where my feet touched the sands of one of the most peaceful beaches in the country. A place where time stopped.Where beauty is scattered in all places and all sorts. Moments worth reminiscing. Memories, etched from a place called Dasol, Panggasinan.

Photography helped me rekindle those precious moments. That splash of saltwater right beneath your toes as the "banca" travel the very calm waters and fishes starting to sprung out the water. That sunset that simply takes your breath away as it sets slowly. Radiating with its pink., purplish hues that painted the sky like magic. Sounds emo isnt it? Its unusual, simply out of the ordinary. An experience that made me feel more alive.

I would like to thank Mr Allan Barredo, a great photographer, a fellow mountaineer and an artist behind the lens. Through his work and dedication in he showed us the beauty of our natural resources. His work inspired me because a breath-taking landscape photo is not easy to capture. You have to endure a lot. Pain, hunger, blood sweat and tears.. A lot of sacrifice for that perfect shot. In those 2 days of traveling, it gave me huge respect for the people who take photos of these majestic places. Opens windows, opens opportunities, showing the people that there are places here in our own country worthy of visiting. Thank you sir Allan for the experience.

Of course, none of these wouldnt be possible without the efforts of Shena, who organized the trip. To my fellow photographers, Pads, Marco, Allan, Erwin, Mel, Kits, Lester, Angge.. to our lovely models., Tet and Abby....to sir Buboy for all the tips on strobes and to our driver, kuya Roel. I had a really great time. Also., to the people who owns the rest house., i may not know their names but i thank them so much for their hospitality. The food was awesome.

Dasol, Panggasinan
March 6-7, 2010