Saturday, October 27, 2012

Nagomi Japanese Restaurant

Its been a while since my last visit to El Pueblo over at Ortigas Center. The last time I went there when I went to Travel Factor's Ultimate Beach Bumming Experience in Calaguas and El Pueblo was chosen to be the meet up place for the participants. I never knew il comeback to visit that restaurant in front of Mcdo again. Nagomi Japanese Restaurant is somehow an institution inside El Pueblo.Its been a while since they started their business there. They offer authentic Japanese meals in a reasonable price! Once you stepped inside the place, its like you went to Tokyo to grab some Ramen. Its a really great place. I had the privilege to photograph their delicious meals that they will launch at . Photo on top is their delicious Sushi Platter. The California Maki is really delicious. Same goes with the Salmon Sahimi.. God im mouth-watering right now. I just remembered its taste right at this moment.... 

really addicting... super. that salmon is so delicious
This is one of the best Salmon Tepanyaki ever! The meat is soft and tender. Served sizzling right in front of you. It comes with a sauce actually i just forgot to include it at the picture! This is one of my favorites from the meal. Its really really good.  

delicious! i love kani
 The Kani is delicious as well! Fresh greens and that delicious Kani is something i cant describe.. its so good. I had it as my appetizer. 

great value for money! all of these for less than 600 pesos
 For only 599 pesos, you can have everything in this photo.. That includes the Gomoko Ramen at the middle, the sushi platter, the kani salad and the salmon tepanyaki. they will also include 5 glasses of cold green tea. You can also ask if you want it hot. There are other combinations as well. Please refer to their deal at the ensogo website for more details. Click it here

great interior! love the different japanese drinks all lined up
 Like I said earlier, the interior is really fabulous. Very Japanese in style! Its spacious, its clean. Its simply wonderful! For reservations, just give them a call at (+632) 635-45-46. You can visit their facebook page at

Id like to thank Ms Marge and Sir Dwayne for having us. They were very accommodating. We had fun with the photoshoot. I also want to thank kate for assisting me. Also id like to thank Chef Don for the great food! Its been an honor sir. Thank you! 

So the next time you wanna go for something Japanese, visit Nagomi and enjoy Japanese cuisine at its finest!

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