Saturday, June 1, 2013

Tropical Hut Hamburgers

Its been a while since i ate at Tropical Hut Hamburger. This is usually my burger of choice when im still in highschool. Theres one inside Ever Gotesco Commonwealth and i usually eat there. What i love is their big burgers and their tasty club sandwiches. When i was photographing this for Ensogo, it kinda brought back the good all days where im young and i have nothing to think about just my homework, basketball and what to eat. 

Photoshoot was held at Tropical Hut Hamburger in Alabang. I always wanted tight shots on my food... I think this one is real tight...i like it that way though. 

Their spaghetti and fried chicken combo is absolutely delicious. Tropical hut also serves the best spaghetti in town.. i just love the taste. Minsan nga mas gusto ko pa sya sa mcdo or jollibee.

this blogpost is simply makin me hungry bigtime...

 No wonder my back hurts at the end of the day.....i just have to.. do that stance every time i go on a shoot... Anyways., Tropical Hut Hamburgers are one of those burgers that I really love.. It has this distinct taste exactly the same through the years.. and i love em. Sarap na babalikbalikan ika nga...

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