Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Panizza @ C Italian Fine Dining

Theres something that im craving right now. Im craving for some panizza over at C Italian Dining in Pampangga! Grabe., the food there is really delicious! Its kinda expensive but every cent is worth it. If you want to experience Italian Fine dining, C restaurant is the place to be. The photo above is my favorite and its C's famous panizza. It has different kinds of flavors to choose from. If you are a meat lover, you could try their Escapadia . Theres a technique into eating the panizza. You get the panizza bread, put on your favorite ingredient like the Alfaalfa, Arugula.. you can also add some bacon, salami, sausages and some gorgonzola! This dish would definitely knock you out of its goodness! Its really good!

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