Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Andi Manzano Visits Ensogo!

You wont believe who dropped by at the office! Its Andi Manzano! A radio Jock, a TV personality and i she was a courtside reported for the FEU Tamaraws. It was kind of a surprise because my officemate told me to check out the cute girl inside the conference room. I had a glimpse and said whoa.. thats Andi9! Undeniably, shes one of the freshest faces on TVand Radio. Not only shes cute, she has this really wacky personality.

Now this is a mystery to me. I actually wanted to have a poll on this one on whose prettier among the two. Its actually an honor taking a picture with these two pretty girls. :) Luisa herself is a product endorser and appears on commercials as well.

Now its time for me to take a picture with Andi. Thanks to Nikos for this one. Ived been following Andi on twitter and i really enjoying reading her funny love quotes. Im also love their radio show with Jessica on Magic 899. I guess im a fan! hehe. Shes a really nice person. Very jolly and down to earth. I guess she will be helping with the marketing department for Ensogo's media exposure.

Waah i look like im on crack here! haha.. Good times.. :)

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