Monday, July 4, 2011

Bang! Bang!

My last visit on a firing range was way back college on my ROTC training. I held an M-16 rifle back then and i tell you its really something. Last saturday, i was acquainted once again to gun powder, target sheets and Bang-Bang!

My friend Jolly's uncle has this really huge sports complex in Bicutan that houses a lot of sports activities that you can choose from. They have a Basketball court, a badminton court, a boxing ring, a beach volleyball court, spas and minipool, and an indoor and out door firing range. They acquired my photography services for their website and marketing materials. Spent the day roaming around his sports haven and literally we had a blast! " Gusto nyo ba bumaril? " Jolly's tito asked us, i just said "opo!!!" haha.

Before everything else, one must respect the rules of holding a gun. Make sure that every gun is loaded. These things are very dangerous. Dont point your gun to anything that your not intended to shoot. Words uttered to me with such conviction. Reminders that should be addressed firm and clear.

This is my first time to use a 9mm pistol and damn im so stoked about it. With Jolly's uncle giving me instructions carefully, it made me listen carefully coz Jolly's tito's hand is bleeding because the cocking action of the pistol sliced up his skin! I dont wanna go home bleeding so I paid attention carefully.

It was so loud! Bang! Bang! Bang! The gun has this "pitik" when you pull the trigger! Its really important to have that firm grip. I was addicted! I kept firing and firing 7 rounds straight like im on a fury! Its quite an experience! Im lookin forward for my next firing session!

If you have a passion for guns and ammos., the firing range at Cantada Sports Center in Bicutan is definitely a place to visit. Its clean, organized and its not that crowded. Not sure how much for the membership but they will launch their website real soon and all of the information about their facilities will be posted. This is just a sneak peak of the explosive and wonderful things that this sports facility can offer. Many thanks to Mr. and Mrs Cantada for their warm hospitality.

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