Friday, May 24, 2013


Theres this place in intramuros which is worth visiting... this place called Barbaras just beside San Agustin Church in Intramuros is one of those places worth dining in. Food theres is really delicious. The place is rich with images of our culture during the spanish era. its like a blast from the past experience. 

 took photos of their buffet. I have to work fast because i only have a 30 minute timeframe before the guests arrive at the banquet. I would like to thank Sir Carl for accommodating us with the shoot. 

 The place looks really good.... and the food is superb. I really love the paella... and their coffee jelly for dessert. absolutely delicious! 

Every night, they have a cultural show which showcases the different kinds of dances our ancestors has been doing for the longest time. Folk dances from Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao.   

At first i find it kinda... not so entertaining but as they go along.. ok din pala sya... I mean.. its good.. its unique.. with their flashy costumes... interesting dance moves.. i can say im more of a Filipino on that night coz i discovered that we have something of our own that is really good and people from different countries applaud in delight. It was fascinating actually.   

 But all throughout the night, i was mesmerized by this girl who is playing the bass.. not only she was pretty, she was really good! I was actually imagining her rockin with the bass guitar in a rock concert.. She would be really hot if ever... 

Then there was the highlight of the show where the audience had the chance give our national dance a try - the tinikling. It was really something looking at people from different cultures dance the tinikling..and they were good.. i am a filipino and i dont even know how to do it.. if ever my i'd had a broken foot by now.. 
it was such an experience... its like i was in the spanish era where kalesas, katipuneros and civil guards roam the streets of Manila...those cobblestone streets, old churches and antique houses mainly gave that old school manila feeling... it was fun.. it was fun shooting this one... i really had a great time.  I want to thank again Sir Carl for the warm hospitality and also to Ms.Sheree for bringing me at Barbaras for the photoshoot. Good times! 

Stan and Armi's Prenup

In most days, i take photographs of food, gadgets and other nifty objects... but there's also one thing that I love to point my camera on, couples. Every time I photograph that moment, that sweet point in time, makes me really happy. It was an honor taking pictures of Stan and Armi. Celebrating their love...

It was a very nice weather. Sun is up and the clouds are marvelous. I was really excited for this shoot that i bought myself a new Black Rapid camera strap! Which i bought if on sale.. anyways., i was so excited for this shoot because shooting prenups are fun. I was with Ms. Love's prenup and I really enjoyed shooting them... Im somehow getting used to this so when Raiza, also my officemate asked me to take photographs of her sister, i immediately obliged. Indeed it was fun!  

We had the shoot at Real Ship Yacht Rentals stationed along Manila Bay. It was my first time to step foot on a yacht honestly. It was also my first time to shoot a prenup on a boat! A lot of 1st times on this day. The boat is really beautiful. This is how rich people roll..i mean float. What a great location for a prenup. Definitely worth it. 

 Im not really good in making poses but i tried my best to be the cheesy guy for this moment. I asked them to do sweet poses which I think looks good eventually. Our very talented make-up artist, who happens to be my Remy's, my officemate's mom, gave a lot of ideas regarding the poses... 

One of the boat's caretakers, Ate Maria, also gave some suggestions on the poses. Thank God for all their help coz i ran out of ideas... Love this shot by the way. I love the way Stan smiled on this one...Its so natural. 

 at the bridge, cuddling... :) i envy their sweetness...  hmmm.. anyways..

also one of my favorite shots on which is one of the hardest coz i was actually lying at my back with some bars of steel poking my spine... i just have to get this angle coz the clouds at the background is absolutely gorgeous. A photo of a kiss would be perfect!  

 the shiny reflections of the waters amuses me... and i wanted to include it to the photo... I would like to thanks Jeric for helping me hold the speedlight for me. Without him, it would be really tough to do these kind of lighting...

This pose was an idea of Ate Maria... Very nice things to warm things up and relax...

I really want to thank this beautiful lady over here for inviting me and entrusting me to cover for her sister's wedding. I said to her im not a wedding photographer but I will do my best to make her sister's wedding worth memorable. I do hope i made them happy with their prenup shoot...

I also want to thank Malcolm for letting me ride the dinner cruise. It was quite an experience not to mention the food was really delicious. Awesome buffet... I was so full on the trip good thing i didnt barf on the side of the boat! 
It was such an experience! Hope to do this again some other time. Many thanks to RealShip Yacht Rentals.. im leaving you with this lovely sunset photo with the lighthouse silhouette. 

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Ronza Bar and Restaurant

Its been a while since my last bar hopping adventure and this time me and my good ol buddy Sec went to Ronza Bar and Restaurant along Wilson Street in Greenhills for a photoshoot for his upcoming deal at Ensogo. Kinda excited for this shoot coz i heard, their Sisig is really good! And they are right. Their sisig is absolutely delicious. Its close to the ones at Aling Lucing's in Pampanga. Its that good. No doubt ,this is their best seller 

Their meatballs are really good as well. It has cheese inside so it will definitely surprise you once you have that bite. I love it! Some meatballs are kinda salty.. but this one is perfect. One of the best pulutan out there.  

You got to try also their Beef Salpicao! 

 they also sereve delicious drinks! They have an open bar where you can choose a wide variety of cocktails. from Rhum cokes to Screw Drivers... from tequilas to Margaritas! They have it here.

One of the highlights of the place is their kick ass saltwater aquarium! Its huge! Its like a hundred gallon aquarium.. im not sure.. but its damn huge i tell you. They have this Lion Fish which i saw for the 1st time1 Its really beautiful. One of my favorite movies was Deuce Bigalow, and their was a lion fish there and i was so amazed! I did that tapping at the aquarium and said "hey fishy fishy!!!" haha..  love it! 

This is another shot of the place.. along with the bar and the really cool lighting... You can see their the aquarium which really rocks... This is a perfect chill out place. You'l love it here if you wanna unwind and have a little booze with your friends after a long day at the office.. 
Visit Ronza Bar and Restaurant.. im sure you will love this place. Check out their deal at Ensogo! 

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

General's Lechon's number #1 lechon is one of my next food trip destination - The General's Lechon! They are known from their special garlic lechon which is undeniably insanely delicious.... By far, this is the best lechon I ever tasted.. 

Their best seller, the chilli-garlic lechon! Theres this kick within the taste of the lechon.. its just so good. The taste of garlic with added spice just penetrated the will make you ask for more.  

 the skin is just perfect. That crunch is as loud as thunder...and the taste.. its pure madness. Sobrang sarap!!! You can also try suka for the sauce. Or you can also try dipping the skin on some calamansi then dip it onto a bowl of salt... that sour taste then combined with salt is a sure winner! 

 These pigs are actually special because they are free range pigs. They are healthy and they are free from artificial feeds. They roast this manually in order for that even cook...

look at those spices inside...yummmmm... this is the secret...generous amounts of garlic,, spices.. some lemon grass for that delicious aroma... its smells so good....

meat is so soft and tender, slicing it wouldn't be an effort. Making this blog post makes me really hungry! 

General's lechon is located in front of Dusit Hotel, right in front of EDSA, just within the Petron gas station. Customers usually order for take-out but if you want you can eat the lechon from their store. 
I would like to thank sir Bryan for giving us a chance to shoot their delicious lechon. I really enjoyed the shoot most specially eating their famous roasted pig. Guys if you have time, try this one out. Having it on top of's list of the best lechon in town says how good this lechon is!   

Networld Hotel Cocktail Shoot

I really love shooting cocktails!Its because after you're done with it.. you can drink it afterwards! (That is, if the client permits.. hehe). Took photos of 6 different cocktails and boy i was so refreshed! I used a lot of props in this one and i dunno if they are relevant with the photo.. it looks good though and the client actually loved it.. Many thanks to the staff of Networld Hotel over at Roxas Blvd for the warm hospitality.

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Red Garlic Bistro Cafe

Of all the restaurants in Bonifacio Global City, its quite hard to choose which restaurant would be the best to go to. You got a lot of choices! But theres one restaurant, which actually just started its operation very recently, moves on top of my list. Welcome to Red Garlic Bistro Buffet! Food here is really delicious! The Pomelo salad on top is one of those salads that i would never forget.. the mix of pomelo and shrimps is simply delicious! Im a sucker for shrimps so this one is definitely one of my favorites.... 

Then we tried their Florence Pizza which is also fabulous in taste.... its really good.. 

their california makis are quite big in size.. also very delicious.. 

their fish n chips are splendid! that sauce is really delicious...

these chilli poppers are my favorite as well. Its like those chilli fingers or dynamite but with a twist! The chili is stocked with delicious taco fillings which are quite spicy in taste then wrapped in cheese and lumpia wrapper... Dip it in to its special sauce..served in this really neat shot glasses. Awesome presentation by the way. This ones is really good! 

 they also serves us with these thirst quenching drinks! I love the one in the middle.. the blue margarita... it tastes really good...

 interiors are also fabulous. I like the tall ceilings... it gives you that feeling of space. Its nice and cozy. The chairs and tables are very neat and not the ordinary... wonderfully designed. very clean and spacious. 2 thumbs up! 

Red Garlic is located at two parkade, 30th Ave Corner 7th Ave.. You can give them a call if you want to reserve a seat.. Just dial 856-2822  

Visit Red Garlic, im sure you will love it!  

Gil and Ina's Wedding

Its Gil's wedding! The countdown is finally over as Gil and Ina tied the knot at San Agustin Church in Intramuros. Its such a beautiful wedding! Im so happy for Gil because he's waiting for this for quite some time now. I didnt bring a camera with me on that day... good thing my friend EJ brought a dslr but hes kinda reluctant to use it... Due to my undying eagerness to capture moments, i borrowed it and took some snaps. It was my first time to use a Canon camera on  a wedding and it was quite impressive! 

I told myself not to bring a camera coz i wanted to enjoy the wedding as a guest, not as a photographer...But then again, i enjoyed taking photos rather than just sitting around. Took this one when they were on their way out and man i was so happy for the great capture! Never seen Gil so happy like this ever before... 

of course there's the production team to back him up! These guys look really fine and dandy! We also had a our lovely Anne Cua and Kannika! Its so good to see them once again!  

Ze lovely ladies of production team! Tracy always has this really curvy and voluptuous pose...

 they are like the batman and robin of the creative writing department of the production team...

 of course our lovely boss Ms. Mara who looks stunning in her green dress..

As the bride and groom started to enter,the party has just begun!  

Mel actually won the garter wearing ceremony and boy she was nervous! Its her 1st actually! 

The traditional cutting of the cake! Gil got a big slice from inah...Gil didn't mind.. :)

 the lovely Anne Cua with our soldier of love Marky!

Angel came! These three ladies are surely missed at the production area... 

 getting crazy at the photobooth. This was ej's challenge, to fit the entire production team inside the frame. Good thing it did! Thanks to Pop Picture for the great photobooth photos! 

Gil with his wacky Mr. Pogi pose! 

After that long delicious dinner, we are all full and happy... you can actually see it in our faces! Busog!!!! :)

Thank you so much Gil for inviting us. It was a really awesome and wonderful wedding. We all had a good time. Best wishes to you and Ina.