Friday, May 24, 2013

Stan and Armi's Prenup

In most days, i take photographs of food, gadgets and other nifty objects... but there's also one thing that I love to point my camera on, couples. Every time I photograph that moment, that sweet point in time, makes me really happy. It was an honor taking pictures of Stan and Armi. Celebrating their love...

It was a very nice weather. Sun is up and the clouds are marvelous. I was really excited for this shoot that i bought myself a new Black Rapid camera strap! Which i bought if on sale.. anyways., i was so excited for this shoot because shooting prenups are fun. I was with Ms. Love's prenup and I really enjoyed shooting them... Im somehow getting used to this so when Raiza, also my officemate asked me to take photographs of her sister, i immediately obliged. Indeed it was fun!  

We had the shoot at Real Ship Yacht Rentals stationed along Manila Bay. It was my first time to step foot on a yacht honestly. It was also my first time to shoot a prenup on a boat! A lot of 1st times on this day. The boat is really beautiful. This is how rich people roll..i mean float. What a great location for a prenup. Definitely worth it. 

 Im not really good in making poses but i tried my best to be the cheesy guy for this moment. I asked them to do sweet poses which I think looks good eventually. Our very talented make-up artist, who happens to be my Remy's, my officemate's mom, gave a lot of ideas regarding the poses... 

One of the boat's caretakers, Ate Maria, also gave some suggestions on the poses. Thank God for all their help coz i ran out of ideas... Love this shot by the way. I love the way Stan smiled on this one...Its so natural. 

 at the bridge, cuddling... :) i envy their sweetness...  hmmm.. anyways..

also one of my favorite shots on which is one of the hardest coz i was actually lying at my back with some bars of steel poking my spine... i just have to get this angle coz the clouds at the background is absolutely gorgeous. A photo of a kiss would be perfect!  

 the shiny reflections of the waters amuses me... and i wanted to include it to the photo... I would like to thanks Jeric for helping me hold the speedlight for me. Without him, it would be really tough to do these kind of lighting...

This pose was an idea of Ate Maria... Very nice things to warm things up and relax...

I really want to thank this beautiful lady over here for inviting me and entrusting me to cover for her sister's wedding. I said to her im not a wedding photographer but I will do my best to make her sister's wedding worth memorable. I do hope i made them happy with their prenup shoot...

I also want to thank Malcolm for letting me ride the dinner cruise. It was quite an experience not to mention the food was really delicious. Awesome buffet... I was so full on the trip good thing i didnt barf on the side of the boat! 
It was such an experience! Hope to do this again some other time. Many thanks to RealShip Yacht Rentals.. im leaving you with this lovely sunset photo with the lighthouse silhouette. 

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