Monday, September 12, 2011

Moonleaf Tea Shop

If theres one thing me and abby na super na kinaadikan namin, eto na yon! Moonleaf Tea Shop! The best Milk Tea restaurant/cafe/shop this side of the planet! Sarap sobra... We are so hooked at it that we religiously buy one every weekend! As in dinadayo pa namin yung Maginhawa street sa may UP just to buy our favorite milk tea flavors.

I really dont know if this is a milk tea craze or baka uso lang. All I know is that, everybody is so addicted to Moonleaf. Rain or shine andito sila pumipila to grab a tumbler of this sensational drink. I remember lastweek when me and abs were almost stuck at UP coz the heavy pour made Maginhawa street flooded almost waist deep! Kahit malamig that time, hala sigi bili pa din ang mga tao! See that long lines? Maiksi pa yan coz usually it stretches out sa labas abot hanggang gate! Crazy. I dunno what do they put into their product, its just so good you got to try it for yourself.

Today, kailangan ko naman massubukan yung ibang flavor. We usually order Wintermelon (which is a crowd favorite and its damn so delicious) and Vanilla Milk tea. But now, we opted to order a different kind of drink. Abs ordered the Yakult-Jasmine Milk Tea. As for me, I ordered the intruiguing Tiramisu. Our order is up and we're ready to go.

Since sobrang ingay sa loob ng Moonleaf Tea Shop ( ang ingay sobra na parang palengke na minsan), we decided to drink our Milkteas somewhere. Some place na hindi kayo nagsisigawan sa isat-isa. A place where you can relax and less noise.. We decided to drop by Nanette's Food House. Abby never been at Nanette's and I want her to try their famous burrito.

Abs told me na hindi naman to Burrito! Shawarma to eh! =) Yeah it looks more like a shawarma and we both know the Burritos have rice in it. Ewan ko ba kung bakit Burrito ang tawag nila dito. I guess this is their own thang and let them be...kahit ano pa itawag nila dyan, put it infront of me i'l eat it! This is so good I can eat 3 burritos (pigging out days..) The meat inside is so tasty im sure you will love it. Try it with their cold white sauce or go crazy with their rocket spicy hot sauce! Yummy!

So we have our spot. Much more relaxed. Less noise. Plus a really delicious burrito / shawarma at our hands... Love it. Weekends wouldnt be better without tumbler of Moonleaf. I think this is Marco Quimson's fault. Hes my friend who really loves Milk Tea and he made me go gaga with it! My first milk tea was at Bubbletealicious over at SM Megamall. Then i got a tip that theres this Tea House at Maginhawa Street na talaga namang dinadayo pa ng mga tao. It made me curious and gave it a try. Eversince, were hooked!

Its amazing how this wonder drink grasped the tongues and mouths of the people. I heard rumors that they are expanding due to insistent public demand. Kung di mo pa nasusubukan yung Moonleaf, you have to as in. Sarap sobra... Try their famous flavors, Wintermelon, Vanilla Milk Tea or the one that i just tasted, the Tiramisu.

Foodtrip with ur love is always good... till our next food trip!


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