Tuesday, September 6, 2011


September 5. A day filled with delicious events. Delicious not only by taste, but also in appearance. This shoe here is delicious for my eyes coz im desperately wanting it... =( Its too expensive and my pockets aint that deep now a days... I so love this new climacool shoes by adidas ( Olympic Village, Robinson's Pioneer).

Delicious in satisfying your cravings. Scrambol is one of my favorite desserts when I was still a kid and today, Manila Scramble is selling it on malls all over...

Abs wants to cook this so bad and today is the day. We bough some Lentils at Healthy Options and were dying to try it coz we usually see this on cooking shows..and we had one when we ate at Mr. Kebab. Abs is going to make the same stew and im excited as well.

This is the finish product. Lentil Stew with Curry Sauce and Cream Dory. Its soooo good. I love it! Thanks for this awesome lunch beb... sobrang sarap.. You are truly a great cook!

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