Friday, September 16, 2016

My Solo Trip to Kalanggaman Island

If you are fond of travelling to beaches with a spectacular sandbar, this is the place that you probably want to visit. Just in case you have a drone with you, you are lucky. This island is best viewed in the air! Since im poor and cant afford to buy a drone yet, I'll settle with these pictures for now. The place is pretty much amazing to me. Amazing enough to go even when you're travelling alone! Welcome to Kalanggaman Island. I'l show you my journey to this wonderful piece of land. Tara! Biyahe tayo!

This is actually a group trip. Unfortunately, all of em backed out. I cant blame one of em coz she got really sick and even got rushed in the hospital. This is actually my first time to travel alone. It's different when you travel with a group tour like the ones in group trips. There, even if you're a solo traveller, you are still travelling with a group. Sometimes you even get lucky bumpin with some of your old friends... sometimes even your ex. This one is different coz you are on your own. You buy your own ticket, You ride the plane alone. You go hitchin a van and a tricycle all by yourself. You have to use your brains and wits to endure this trip. By that, it's something challenging. Im'ma tell you I was afraid at first coz my effin conscience tells me a lot of what ifs... Damn i just got out of my bed, packed my bags and went to the airport! I got to do this coz we only live once! 

A lot of things great things happened! Things that normally dont happen when your travelling with someone. Like, my pair of nose hair trimmers got confiscated...i didnt know its illegal to bring those on a carry on... Things like sitting beside a window. When I was with.... :(  Most of the time I gave her the window seat coz she likes it there even though i really like to sit there as well. Im not complaining or anything. I just want her to enjoy the flight.  Now that Im all alone, i have the window seat all by myself. I took the early morning flight which is a good thing coz you'll see moments like this! Sunrise at 30,000 feet! It's such an awesome view! 

When the plane was above Bicol region, I saw Mayon Volcano in its most epic view! It's really amazing. I never saw Mayon like that... It's really spectacular! I'm like a kid who just went on his 1st airplane ride! I was also thankful back then that the weather is really good. Back in Manila, it was raining really hard. Maybe thats one of the reasons why some of my travel mates backed out. Sayang coz the weather going to Leyte was really smooth. 

Her name is Blanch. She's the head flight attendant of this trip. I have to admit shes pretty. Wait what?  Why am I checkin her out? Well I dunno... Maybe because we were given eyes to see the beauty of God's creations? hmm.. anyways. On with the trip! 

I have reached Tacloban at around 7am and when I got out of the airport, a crowd of testosterone filled van drivers rushed towards me asking me where I'm going... I said I'm going to Palompon City. One driver asked me to rent his van all by myself by 3,500 pesos! Hell no! One guy took me to his tricycle and took me to Abucay Terminal where the vans and busses are located going to Palompon. That guy charged me 250 pesos! I could have just rode a jeep for less than 10 pesos! Oh well. Charged to experience!

At the van, I took shotgun and paid for the seats in front! I was really comfy along with my bags beside me. I saw the winding roads of Leyte! The rice fields. The different towns that is used to be  devastated by Typhoon Yolanda. I saw their fast development and recovery. A lot of buildings are newly built but you can still see some structures ravaged by the typhoon. It was a long ride but I enjoyed it! 

I arrived at Palompon and I registered at the Eco Tourism Building. Thats the place where you can schedule a boat ride going to Kalanggaman Island. The staff there also briefed me about what to expect in the island. They told me that there are no stores in the island. There are no freshwater to drink. Theres no electricity. But phone signal is strong. Ok.. They also told me that the boat going to the island costs 3,000 pesos! Good Lord! I have to wait for some people to split the fair with. I waited for 3 hours and I almost lost hope. Good thing 3 couples arrived and there it is! With that stroke of luck, we we're on our way! But before left, I  already bought some food. I also bought a litter of drinking water for myself. I should have bought two!  Im'ma stay overnight at the island. Im going to pitch my tent there. I just bought a couple of noodles, some bread, crackers and coffee to live... 

I met these really nice people! All of em are actually travellers in their own way! One couple actually owns an online travel website and they'r doing an ocular visit to Kalanggaman! The guy at the back, Kiko, loves to travel around the country like theres no tomorrow! He really uses his Vacation leaves really well coz he travels for 2 weeks straight!!! Amazing... How I wish I can do that as well! Its great to meet all of them! 

Kalanggaman is not really that far from Palompon. If you're a seasoned swimmer or a freaking triathlete you can just swim your way to the island! I'm neither and I'm freakin fat and slow so riding a boat is probably a better idea for me. This is my favorite shot everytime I travel by boat. I just hope someday my go pro wont go diving ahead of me. I'd have to punch myself if ever that happens. From this photo, you can see Kalanggaman Island peeking! I am actually excited right at this moment! 

We're here! The beach is really nice! The best thing about this trip is that theres almost nobody in the island! During peak season, this island is packed with tourists! And that sucks. Locals said that there are times, international cruise ships once anchor docks  beside the island bringing people at the beach! Man thats crazy! I guess I came in a good day or am I? Imagine hot semi naked latinas playin beach volleyball... Ugh anyways.. Thank goodness! I cant believe  I'm really here! Its like I was sitting by my couch early that morning  contemplating on going or not and by a thrust of self encouragement from my crazy conscience, Im here!  Kalanggaman! You have been conquered by my crazy self!  Haha.  I'm so happy! 

The sand is white! Its not that fine though like the ones in Boracay, Bohol or Palawan. But I dont give a flying fck! Its a beach!!! Its my place of zen! I missed this! I missed it a lot. Took my slippers off and jumped onto the sand.... That feeling of sand hugs your feet is one of those things that I really really like.  

 I grabbed my stuff and I didnt even pitched my tent yet unlike the others. I just placed my stuff beneath a tree and went straight to Kalanggaman's famous sandbar! I just have to congratulate myself for travelling with a light camera! I love my Fuji XT1! Its not bulky and it makes awesome photos! I also brought along my GoPro for some wide shots like this. Of course like any other freaking tourist, I took a selfie! Theres a huge sign saying that swimming is prohibited around this area since the current is really strong that it may pull you down. You can swim at the middle part of the island though. As of the moment, i think my skin tone got 3 shades darker and its all good! 

I really need to have a moment at this monument (that freakin rhymes). According to the scripture at the bottom, this is the only remaining man-made structure standing after typhoon Haiyan. Can you just imagine every house, or shelter here is wrecked and wasted!  Ok... it deserves a photo! Got this on timer.  I look like a freaking dork here.   

Like they said. The island is pretty much untouched. No hotels, no stores. No booming loud music. No freaking dogs shitting  around. None of all that stuff. It's very quiet and peaceful! Some people dont want this kinda setup for a trip. But I do dig this! I can live with it. Its quite an experience! One positive note about this island is that it has a nice comfort room! Ceramic tile flooring.. reasonable height toilet. It's better than my toilet actually.  Theres even a bathing / changing area! The boatmen usually brings a gallon of fresh water for each individual for consumption. 

 I noticed though that there are solar lamp posts around! Thats a good thing coz when night came, its not dark. The place is well lit. It's easier to pitch a tent. It's easier to move. It's easier to get drunk! Yeah, we drank emperador with Royal Tru Orange as chaser! Haha!  Then the canned tuna that i bought, I mixed it with my crushed crackers! Galawang tambay lang eh no?! Hahaha! We had a great time goofin around. Talking about work. in general. Im enjoying meeting new friends. Conquering fears. Sand between your toes. Milky way visible by the naked eye...  This is how life should be. Simple. No complications.  We just lived by the moment and it felt good... 

Would you believe a sandbar woke me up? I slept with an open tent and there.. that view woke me up. Its freaking amazing to wake up with a view like that! I got a little hungover from lastnight's under the stars drinkin sesh with my new found island friends! I just asked from the locals for some hot water for my coffee and I was...fine. Unfortunately we have to leave a little early coz my friends have other plans. So I have no choice go with em. Unless i wanna swim back to Palompon...  It's all good anyways. I had enough of sand and tan all over.. I'm good and we took off at around 7am. By 11am I was already in Tacloban and stayed at Yellow Doors Hotel which is a pretty cool place by the way. Just look for  it via Trip Advisor and it has good reviews...

I'm gonna end this blog with this photo...The thought of travelling alone is something anyone should experience once in our lives.  Just remember that dont be afraid to try new things. You'l never knew what you will discover. You'l discover new things. You'l discover strength within surprisingly. Being alone, travelling is actually fun! Always remember that people can be really friendly if you smile a lot. Always start your conversation with a smile. Just be good. Be nice. Dont be an ass. Be polite and people will treat you well. 

This is life! Feeling alive! Doing things that you normally don't do! Now I'm cringing for another solo trip! Hmm where to next? Siargao? Batanes? Romblon? Wherever it may be, Im up to it! I really enjoyed my stay here in Kalanggaman. It's short but sweet.  I will definitely go back and I hope to the one who reads this blog should explore this one beautiful piece of land...

Toyota FT-1

Sexy in every single angle. Aggressive yet sophisticatedly beautiful.  There are a lot of words to describe this brilliant piece of machine. It's like art. The curves, the detail, the engineering. They all work in harmony. I just have to pause for a moment to just clap my hands and bow down to the great people of Toyota for bringing glory to the car industry. I have witnessed something  that made me utterly speechless and almost cried.  Behold, the new Toyota FT-1 Concept Car! Get those tissues ready!

FT-1 Stands for "Future Toyota One". Medyo baduy ha pero what the heck! The people behind the design are from Calty Design Studio.  Alex Shen is the head designer of the FT-1. Every single detail of this car has its very own function. Sculpted magnificently to its utmost form. So its not just the design... it has science on it. Batman would want one. And it should be in black! 

I hardly go to Motorshows coz the scene is usally same-same...Nah thats not really the reason. Tamad lang talaga ako! But this year's Philippine International Motorshow has something different.  A carshow that I should never miss because of one thing besides the hot ladies,  - its because of THIS CAR! Once I found out that the Toyota FT-1 Concept car is gonna be displayed, I went nuts on how to go to World Trade Center in Pasay City! Thanks to my good friend Ish for hooking me up with the tickets! 

I cannot imagine seeing that face on my rear view mirror! I'd probably faint..or have a seizure! If ever theres a chance Im gonna be stuck in traffic beside it, I'd probably go out and take selfies! It's just a total head turner!  It looks very aggressive! Those headlights, the carbon fiber air ducts at the bottom... That glass topped engine display, Its insane! It looks insanely fast! and probably run insanely fast as well!

I remembered a phrase from that movie, Face Off... John Travolta said, "I hate to see you leave, but I love to watch you go..." That played into my my mind while looking at this car's ass. Man,  Look at that rear! Those tail lights! That insane spoiler that goes up probably when it reach 200 kph... The exhaust... its well placed.. It's beautiful! Having the moment eating dust while looking at the rear of this car is actually an honor...

Even the rims are gorgeous. I like the simplicity of the design. I believe those are 21 inch rims. That red accent inside makes it more grrrr....It kinda means business lookin at its "center lug" (i just made that up though) feature that normally formula one race cars have. I love its stance. Height is just enough. You cant drive this around Tuktukan Taguig though coz damn speed bumps there are huge! You probably need to hook some Airrex Suspension if you wanna drive this around Manila.  

Thats just beauty over there! Later when I sleep, i would really appreciate it if I dream of her, cruising somewhere at 300 kph ng naka windows down! Tapos i would  probably park in front of Burger Machine for a snack. Eating Bart Burger with cheese while staring at her... Ugh.. I want Bart Burger with cheese.. and Sansrival.

If you notice, the seat of the driver is almost situated on the wheels of the car. I bet when you drive this car at top speeds and you corner, handling will be a breeze! This car is so aerodynamically designed, it pierces through wind like butter! 

For me this part over here is my favorite. The contours of the face is just so mean looking.  The headlights are just insane along with the Daytime Running Lights. Inside those air ducts are like Jet engines! It has turbines in front that probably helps the car suck more air through its powerful engine.

That face is so sexy. That carbon fiber back logo of toyota is awesome! Wait for a month you can buy one at Banawe.  That front end kinda looks like a nose of a Formula 1 car! Im just wondering though, where would you put the license plates if ever? Do you still have to put plates in front if you own this car? I dunno... One thing i know, if  ever  that car is in front of me, i'd wet my pants. 

Those boomerang shaped headlights are beautiful! Too bad i haven't seen it lit. The lines and the contours at the back are really sexy. The spoilers goes up when it reaches a certain speed. Creating more down force for the car. Meaning it has  better handling and control. 

Never seen a side mirror designed like that. This probably makes it more aerodyanamic. I havent seen most of the interior of the car. I would love to take a peak but the car is heavily fenced. Too bad. I saw the steering wheel and it has a lot of buttons around along with its carbon fiber components. And for the cockpit, its designed like a Jet fighter!

At a quick glance, this car looks like a Dodge Viper! And it looks so damn good! The look, the stance, the power. It's something that any car guy would want to drive... or want! That is actually the goal of Toyota President, Akio Toyoda -  to make a car that everyone would want to drive... or would want to own! 

Seeing something that only appears in your dreams is simply a great experience. Its like, seeing Arci Muñoz in person... haha i dunno. I really wanted to see this car up close and I am grateful to witness it.  I read something that they will include this car in the new edition of Gran Turismo! I guess that would be the my closest thing in driving this car! Dreams do come true ya know! Malay mo!

The Philippine International Motor Show is up until Sunday! If you want to see this car in person, go to World Trade Center in Pasay City. I assure you, being stuck in traffic is all worth it! Tickets sell for only 100 pesos each. Again many thanks to my friend Ish for giving me a complimentary ticket! I really enjoyed it! Salamat! :)

It's been a while for a blogpost. I was really busy doing photoshoots. After ensogo and doing freelance work, Things got really hard for me. Challenging yet fulfilling. I just have to strive a little harder. Till my next blog guys! And I hope it would be sooner. 

Sunday, April 10, 2016

Can't Get Enough of Calaguas

For the nth time, I went to Calaguas once again. My chill and happy beach!  There's something about this place that's like a magnet to me. It attracts me like gravity. You just can't get enough of it.  But this year's trip is different. I'm going by myself. Technically, I'm not alone since it was a group trip from Biyahe Lokal. Thank goodness the people were are all a bunch of happy, crazy, outgoing and gorgeous... Met some new friends. Drank beer by the beach. Climbed mountains..and had a good share of laughs! Maybe thats the reason why I go back. Even though every corner of it misses me of someone i shared good memories for the longest time...

Weather is fine on the first day. Scorching hot. Almost no clouds that made the waters look insanely blue. The sea is not that rough... and there was no traffic with the boats going out the open sea. Last year was dreadful.  It took as almost an hour just to get out Vinzons port...  Its quite a surprise because theres a lot of people at the beach since its holy week and because of the long weekend yet we arrived early as scheduled. 

On our second day, it was a different story.  Clouds are starting to roll in. Rain is imminent. Made the whole sky gloomy... Which actually made the locals happy since its been a while when it rained in Calaguas.  But it didn't stopped us from doing things that we love....

Drinking beer!!!!  This is just the 1st batch! Many more to come!  Good thing that the clouds just dropped by and just provided us shade for a few moments.... I also bought my 1st Lagu beach blanket. Sand really doesn't stick to it. Great for moments like this.. hanging out.. sitting in the shade.. reading, drinking.. or sleeping.  Its pricey (P995 for a freaking blanket) but its all worth it!  O sya sya.. Buksan na yan!  Shot na! When I sat foot at the island, i was so thirsty. I went to the store and asked for a cold Coca Cola... The lady said they dont have a cold one yet but they have a cold beer.... thats the first thing i did in calaguas on that day... drank beer! haha

 Tacio had a great idea of bringing a kite... and yeah. It's quite unusual but its fun! I never thought of that actually. Since its windy and free from telephone lines, the beach is one of the best places to fly a kite. Chicks love it! 

This is one of my favorite photos from the trip. Why? Because its an accident. This freakin' kid just ran in front of me and I almost dropped my camera.. When I placed down the camera, I fired a series of burst shots and this came out. I like the minimalist feel... the action of the kid and the splash of the waves.  This is actually a kodak moment. Wonderful things come in unexpected ways...parang pag-ibig lang.

I was getting woozy so i decided to take a short nap..  The joy of doing nothing. I was just staring..Just lookin up. Enjoying the blue sky and the green leaves fall as you listen to the  sound of waves crashing... Sobrang chillax lang. I kinda miss it already...  

I took my camping experience to a much simpler approach. Unlike last year, this set up is not to much but its comfy. I brought a large pillow and I just have to thank myself for that. I had a better sleep at the van and also inside the tent. Its way better than rolling up your towel...  I also bought an earth pad and a silk blanket! I slept really well on that 950 peso tent! Yup. its that cheap. :) Good thing the seams did not tore out after the strong winds. I saw some some small tear though but it held together. 

And these are my fellow neighbors.. i like their choice of music. And it seems that they'r having fun! 

We went hiking from one of the hills. One of the guests brought a drone... but he didnt took the chance to fly it. Because its really windy.  He said, it's his second drone and he doesnt want to crash it again. I really love this view. Air is fresh.. soothing..very relaxing.  Calaguas doesnt have a phone signal except here. This is the best spot to call someone that you're still alive.... When you're here.. you have to stop taking photos for a while and just look at it. Stand still and just savor the moment.  

What I like about this group trips is meeting up new people who has the same passion for travelling. You arrive as strangers and all of a sudden as the trip goes., you became friends who seem you guys knew each other for the longest time! I really had a blast!  I actually have another trip going this April 23 to Alibijaban beach via Biyahe Lokal! So guys, see you soon! 

Im thinking of a good parting message to end this blog.... They say, you should collect experiences rather than material things.... i should stop my addiction in buying shoes... haha. and save money and go travel! Theres a lot of places to go! Theres a lot of places to see.. Sand to beach bum to.  Waterfalls and cliffs to dive on or planes to jump off to!  Life is short. Lets do this when we're still young. It's fun being crazy and wild. Just watch your ass all the time and be careful.  Im hopin to write more travel blogs. Its actually one of my dream jobs - to travel and get paid. 

Thank you Biyahe Lokal! See you soon! 

Friday, January 29, 2016

A Lot of Feels From Tali Beach

Hey guys. It's 2016! This is my first post of the year. I havent been bloggin for quite some time. It's either I'm too lazy to write, or  too depressed to give a shit about anything. Or maybe, I'm just too damn busy with all those shoots and events. 2015 is such a wild ride. It started smooth yet ended rough. Painful it may seem but, we all just have to move on. Pick ourselves up and start over. 
I kinda made a promise... a promise to myself to...cheer myself up. That the world is a better place and theres always something better for all of us. Thats why, at least once a month, i should go travelling. Wherever it may be, as long as Im far away just keeping my spirits high, I'll be good. Tali beach is my 1st stop for the month of January.

This place is quite special for me... Years ago, I was here with Abby and we really had fun. It's a combination of joy and sadness when I reminisce. We really had a great time here with our friends.  I believe, she already moved on. As for me, I haven't. I still miss her. 
Anyways..,weather is great at Nasugbu Batangas. We were kinda spooked coz on Tagaytay, it's drizzling... Good thing when we reached Batangas, the sun started to shine. Photo on top is from Marina beach. This spot is a lot better than the Main beach coz it's spacious. There are trees that provides shade for your car and the beach is clear and free from sharp stones and corals as you reach the middle part of the shore. 

My friend dawna loves to do this everytime she hits the sand. She's quite a natural athlete and it doesnt hurt much to take pictures of her doin yoga or cartwheeling. You can do a lot of things here. Too bad i forgot to bring my frisbee! Oh by the way, theres a volleyball court near the beach. So if you feel like smashing balls than beach bummin, here it is!  

I have to admit, I'm a lazy mothafuc...I'm not athletic nor a gymnast. Besides working my jaw eating... I just love to lounge around and bury my feet in the sand. It's one of those things that I really love. It's actually my bliss... Rememberin this moment as I stare on the picture actually relaxes me....  

One thing that really astonishes me with Tali is that it's not a resort. It's actually a village! People owns properties here and damn if ever i win the lottery, I'd probably buy a property here just like the house from that top photo. It's so peaceful and serene. Imagine waking up in the morning with a beach view like this as you do your morning stretch....

While swimming...I heard a fisherman shouting "Lobsters , Lobsters! " I went to his boat and saw these newly caught bad boys... Quite expensive though. For 800 pesos per kilo, one lobster costs around 2000 pesos.  If you have a knack for these crustaceans, locals sell it here fresh! 

Sundown, the day is slowly ending. Sun, little by little dies down and the sky's lovely gradients and hues are starting to come out. I normally dont see that when Im in the city so I really appreciate these things. Calm waters... the soothing sounds of waves crashing at the rocks...the fresh air. It calms the whole body..even pierces through the soul.  This what Vitamin Sea can give you.... a natural high.

I posted this photo on my IG account and I said "Lord, I dunno what it is yet....but thank you in advance. Thank you for this day" . Everytime I see rays of light falling down from the clouds, theres some kind of a divine intervention happening. It seems like, he's sending a message. I just dunno what it is. And whatever it is, we just have to be thankful. 
It's an awesome weekend. I'd like to thank my fellow friends, Dawna, Nicco and Lorie for this trip. It's a long drive.. but its fun. 

More travels this year!