Friday, September 16, 2016

Toyota FT-1

Sexy in every single angle. Aggressive yet sophisticatedly beautiful.  There are a lot of words to describe this brilliant piece of machine. It's like art. The curves, the detail, the engineering. They all work in harmony. I just have to pause for a moment to just clap my hands and bow down to the great people of Toyota for bringing glory to the car industry. I have witnessed something  that made me utterly speechless and almost cried.  Behold, the new Toyota FT-1 Concept Car! Get those tissues ready!

FT-1 Stands for "Future Toyota One". Medyo baduy ha pero what the heck! The people behind the design are from Calty Design Studio.  Alex Shen is the head designer of the FT-1. Every single detail of this car has its very own function. Sculpted magnificently to its utmost form. So its not just the design... it has science on it. Batman would want one. And it should be in black! 

I hardly go to Motorshows coz the scene is usally same-same...Nah thats not really the reason. Tamad lang talaga ako! But this year's Philippine International Motorshow has something different.  A carshow that I should never miss because of one thing besides the hot ladies,  - its because of THIS CAR! Once I found out that the Toyota FT-1 Concept car is gonna be displayed, I went nuts on how to go to World Trade Center in Pasay City! Thanks to my good friend Ish for hooking me up with the tickets! 

I cannot imagine seeing that face on my rear view mirror! I'd probably faint..or have a seizure! If ever theres a chance Im gonna be stuck in traffic beside it, I'd probably go out and take selfies! It's just a total head turner!  It looks very aggressive! Those headlights, the carbon fiber air ducts at the bottom... That glass topped engine display, Its insane! It looks insanely fast! and probably run insanely fast as well!

I remembered a phrase from that movie, Face Off... John Travolta said, "I hate to see you leave, but I love to watch you go..." That played into my my mind while looking at this car's ass. Man,  Look at that rear! Those tail lights! That insane spoiler that goes up probably when it reach 200 kph... The exhaust... its well placed.. It's beautiful! Having the moment eating dust while looking at the rear of this car is actually an honor...

Even the rims are gorgeous. I like the simplicity of the design. I believe those are 21 inch rims. That red accent inside makes it more grrrr....It kinda means business lookin at its "center lug" (i just made that up though) feature that normally formula one race cars have. I love its stance. Height is just enough. You cant drive this around Tuktukan Taguig though coz damn speed bumps there are huge! You probably need to hook some Airrex Suspension if you wanna drive this around Manila.  

Thats just beauty over there! Later when I sleep, i would really appreciate it if I dream of her, cruising somewhere at 300 kph ng naka windows down! Tapos i would  probably park in front of Burger Machine for a snack. Eating Bart Burger with cheese while staring at her... Ugh.. I want Bart Burger with cheese.. and Sansrival.

If you notice, the seat of the driver is almost situated on the wheels of the car. I bet when you drive this car at top speeds and you corner, handling will be a breeze! This car is so aerodynamically designed, it pierces through wind like butter! 

For me this part over here is my favorite. The contours of the face is just so mean looking.  The headlights are just insane along with the Daytime Running Lights. Inside those air ducts are like Jet engines! It has turbines in front that probably helps the car suck more air through its powerful engine.

That face is so sexy. That carbon fiber back logo of toyota is awesome! Wait for a month you can buy one at Banawe.  That front end kinda looks like a nose of a Formula 1 car! Im just wondering though, where would you put the license plates if ever? Do you still have to put plates in front if you own this car? I dunno... One thing i know, if  ever  that car is in front of me, i'd wet my pants. 

Those boomerang shaped headlights are beautiful! Too bad i haven't seen it lit. The lines and the contours at the back are really sexy. The spoilers goes up when it reaches a certain speed. Creating more down force for the car. Meaning it has  better handling and control. 

Never seen a side mirror designed like that. This probably makes it more aerodyanamic. I havent seen most of the interior of the car. I would love to take a peak but the car is heavily fenced. Too bad. I saw the steering wheel and it has a lot of buttons around along with its carbon fiber components. And for the cockpit, its designed like a Jet fighter!

At a quick glance, this car looks like a Dodge Viper! And it looks so damn good! The look, the stance, the power. It's something that any car guy would want to drive... or want! That is actually the goal of Toyota President, Akio Toyoda -  to make a car that everyone would want to drive... or would want to own! 

Seeing something that only appears in your dreams is simply a great experience. Its like, seeing Arci Muñoz in person... haha i dunno. I really wanted to see this car up close and I am grateful to witness it.  I read something that they will include this car in the new edition of Gran Turismo! I guess that would be the my closest thing in driving this car! Dreams do come true ya know! Malay mo!

The Philippine International Motor Show is up until Sunday! If you want to see this car in person, go to World Trade Center in Pasay City. I assure you, being stuck in traffic is all worth it! Tickets sell for only 100 pesos each. Again many thanks to my friend Ish for giving me a complimentary ticket! I really enjoyed it! Salamat! :)

It's been a while for a blogpost. I was really busy doing photoshoots. After ensogo and doing freelance work, Things got really hard for me. Challenging yet fulfilling. I just have to strive a little harder. Till my next blog guys! And I hope it would be sooner. 

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