Sunday, March 31, 2013

Maru Korean Restaurant

Would you buy this under 500 pesos? I will! 

they use coconut shells for grilling coz their ashes dont fly around

tender strips of beef..ready to be grilled

cooking your own food makes you hungry

grill it till golden brown

frozen soju and korean ice cream for dessert!

very modern yet traditional interior design 

pieces of very nice artwork displayed 

photo from the 2nd floor. 

To tell you the truth, i have been really addicted eating korean food. I just love it so much. Its healthy..its more like a guilt free food for me. Imagine, a lean slice of beef then grilled using only its natural oils then served with fresh vegetables. Its simple, healthy and its heaven! Maru Korean restaurant is one of those restaurants that serve really delicious korean food. The best thing is, its only a couple of steps away from where i live. It is by far, one one of my favorite restaurants i dined in. It has a great interior design. The staff are really nice and hospitable. Its really clean and tidy. The area is safe and not that crowdy. Its a great place to bring your date..maybe you two want to enjoy cooking your own food while dining.. its such an experience. They serve the best Bulgogi and also try their Galbi Jum! Try also ordering a bottle of Soju and mix it with their watermelon juice. Its really good!  My experience here was amazing..i wanna go back here someday.. For more info and reservations you can always give them a call at (+632)403-9140 or at (+632)385-2792. You can also visit their facebook page at

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Bowler Restaurant

When i was still working at NetCore Solutions at Valero St in Makati, everytime i go on a break, I always go down stairs and visit the local 7-11 and get some cold drinks and chips. Then i just sit along the curve and enjoying my snack. I always see this really nice restaurant beside 7-11 called "Bowler". I was intrigued because the place looks cozy and a lot of people hang out there during night time. I never had a chance getting inside back then until now. I am right. The place definitely rocks and the food is really delicious! Welcome to Bowler! They had a deal with Ensogo and they are serving really delicious breakfast meals for an affordable price.   
Photo on tops is their delicious scrambled eggs. This is probably the best scrambled eggs i ever tasted. Its absolutely more delicious than delicious! 

The insides has a lavish amount of bacon and the sauce is just awesome. I dunno what else is in there.. I just love it so much... If ever im coming back there, this is the one to order. Most definitely this is the one!  

This is some "sossy" breakfast. I wonder why do they call it Eggs Benedict? This is so good i tell you. They even blow torch this thing right in front of you when they serve it. To be honest, i never tasted eggs benedict before and i just see them in cooking shows. This is quite an experience...

Had a great time there. Many thanks to the staff of Bowler for their warm hospitality   and of course their great food. This is actually a delayed post and too bad their deal with Ensogo expired already. But then again, deal or no deal, id definitely go back here someday. Im actually craving for it right now... Visit their really nice restaurant at Valero corner Sedeno st in Makati. For inquiries, give em a call at (+632)894-3589.

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Ho Galbi Korean Restaurant

This is probably one of the best Bulgogi I ever tasted! Its so delicious. I tried a lot of Beef Bulgogis before and by far this is the king. The meat is so tender. The taste is absolutely delicious! I also love the taste of the mushrooms once cooked..

I ate a lot of these actually. Im actually on a mission of eating healthy. Since this is pure lean beef and boiled.. i bet this is a perfect meal! And its so delicious. Its hard to find a healthy meal yet very good to my taste. This is my bet. One of their best sellers!

Part of the side dish is this one. Its baby potatoes drenched with this black caramel sauce sprinkled with sesame seeds... I also had a lot of these. Im a sucker for baby potatoes and i love them so much. I dunno how they made the sauce...Its just perfectly sweet. 

They also serve this dish called the Galbi Jum or better known as braised short ribs. They used angus beef on this one. This is mighty delicious. The taste is just.... ugh.. i dunno how to explain it. You might wanna order some extra rice for this one. This one is the champion... 

I also love their iced tea. It looks like a typical iced tea but to me its really good. 

I really enjoyed this photoshoot along with Second. The place packs up during lunch and a lot of people visit the place to enjoy great korean food. Hogalbi is located at Oranbo in Pasig City. Ensogo will be running a deal with them. Better watch that out coz they have a spectacular deal with their Beef Bulgogi and Galbi Jum at a very affordable price! 

Dimsum and Dumplings

Time for some dimsum baby! Oh yeah. I so love dimsum. I had another photoshoot at Dimsum and Dumplings. They will be running a deal soon at Ensogo.  These dumplings are are quite special, and healthy because they are organic. Made entirely of vegetables! They taste really good. 

Their seafood macaroni is one of the best out their! If you love tahong, shrimps and fish onto your macaroni then topped with cheese.., this meal is for you.

 Their crispy noodles is also delicious!!! i so love shrimps.

 Their pesto is also a must-try. Len, my co-worker actually had this one to go! 

Their chicken with baked potatoes are also a winner! 

Watch out for Dimsum and Dumpling's deal at Ensogo! If you love delicious food and its easy on budget, try Dimsum and Dumpling's a shot and im sure you will be satisfied! 

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Mrs. Fields

Another food adventure! This time its at Mrs. Fields over at Mckinley Hill in Bonifacio Global City. It was an early shoot and my head is heavy as hell due to lack of sleep. Good thing a cup of Mrs. Fields Cappuccino gave me a wake-up call. I wanted something to pair up with my coffee and this milk chocolate cupcake seems to perfect! Those two are like peas and carrots i tell you. Its so good! 

These are called Brownie Nibblers and damn its so good. If you love brownies, these are one of the best ones. You got to try it to appreciate. I tell you its really good. 

Of course, I also tried Mrs. Fields delicious cookies. One of my favorites are the Chocolate Chip! These are just heaven... These are my favorites actually... If you have cravings for some utterly delicious cookies, brownies and cupcakes, visit Mrs. Fields at a store near you.

Many thanks to Aila for all the help and also to Ms Frances for being so nice with us. Thank you mam! 

Monday, March 11, 2013

T.G.I. Friday's

I so love eating at Friday's. Their wide array of meals is just delicious! Im excited that i had a chance to take pictures of their top dishes for their promo at ensogo. Im gonna be shooting burgers, their salad, their famous fish n chips and their super delicious dessert, the Oreo Madness! Photo on top is their ultimate cheese burger with 2 slices of cheese and  a quarter pound of that juicy meat. Served hot with fries. Delicious.. really delicious!

 Also had a taste of their delicious garden salad. Its crunchy.. its so fresh.. i love the dressing. tastes really good. Perfect for those who look for their diet.. ;) 

 Their Fish n Chips is one of the best i ever tasted. I like this one specially with a pinch of lemon.. Its really good. I dunno why some people dont like cream dorry coz maybe its kinda bland to taste but for me., i love it.. Specially this one. Dunk it in to their special onion sauce and its heaven.. You got to try this i swear. Its really good. 

Now for my favorite ending, the Oreo Madness.. This is definitely madness right here! Vanilla Ice Cream topped with mashed oreo cookies then drizzled with ample amount of caramel and chocolate syrup! Talk about calories bro. This one is screaming sugar! But hell this is rally good... 

Many thanks to Meggy for dragging me out here at Friday's in Rob Galleria. You just gave me an extra inch under my belt! Thank you! Thanks also to the staff.. to Mam Chi.. ur' so kind.. I just realized ladies who call themselves chi are not only beautiful but kind and friendly as well.. :) 

Thanks again for the experience!

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Dakasi Milk Tea

I have to admit that I am somehow addicted to the newest milk tea joints in town, the Dakasi Milk Tea. According to its label, it is based in Taiwan and its branches can be found all over the globe. Its delicious specially their best seller, the Bubble Milk Tea. Try it for yourself!