Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Bowler Restaurant

When i was still working at NetCore Solutions at Valero St in Makati, everytime i go on a break, I always go down stairs and visit the local 7-11 and get some cold drinks and chips. Then i just sit along the curve and enjoying my snack. I always see this really nice restaurant beside 7-11 called "Bowler". I was intrigued because the place looks cozy and a lot of people hang out there during night time. I never had a chance getting inside back then until now. I am right. The place definitely rocks and the food is really delicious! Welcome to Bowler! They had a deal with Ensogo and they are serving really delicious breakfast meals for an affordable price.   
Photo on tops is their delicious scrambled eggs. This is probably the best scrambled eggs i ever tasted. Its absolutely more delicious than delicious! 

The insides has a lavish amount of bacon and the sauce is just awesome. I dunno what else is in there.. I just love it so much... If ever im coming back there, this is the one to order. Most definitely this is the one!  

This is some "sossy" breakfast. I wonder why do they call it Eggs Benedict? This is so good i tell you. They even blow torch this thing right in front of you when they serve it. To be honest, i never tasted eggs benedict before and i just see them in cooking shows. This is quite an experience...

Had a great time there. Many thanks to the staff of Bowler for their warm hospitality   and of course their great food. This is actually a delayed post and too bad their deal with Ensogo expired already. But then again, deal or no deal, id definitely go back here someday. Im actually craving for it right now... Visit their really nice restaurant at Valero corner Sedeno st in Makati. For inquiries, give em a call at (+632)894-3589.

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