Monday, January 21, 2013

Zero Degree Manila Icebar

This is probably one of the coolest things I ever did...literally. Theres this bar in Antipolo called Zero Degree Manila Icebar that you can actually drink inside a really cold ice room! Man it was that cold. The coldest i ever been! Temperature inside was -5 degrees celcius! At negative five degrees, you will probably enjoy your drinks even better. This actually gives "Below Zero" a different meaning! 

The seats and tables are made of ice! Never seen one like it! Ice carvers change the sculptures everyday. I even saw them still carving the ice. Thats a lot of effort if you ask me.. They even make kinky sculptures sometimes.. just use your imagination...

The best part of this photoshoot is drinkin all the drinks! and I had a lot! as in! I had tequila shots, a few bottles of beers and some cocktails! 

I also enjoyed their delicious pulutan! Their sizzling hotdog is one of my favorites. I also love their onion rings! 

Their sisig is one of the best! I love it. Sisig is by far one of my favorite partners for beer. My favorite pulutan of all time. :)

 I wont leave the place without a self-portrait of course. This is my first time in an icebar and good thing i came prepared wearing longsleeves! I really had a great time with the photoshoot. It was an adventure since this is located at Antipolo which is quite far where I came from.. and it was raining really hard. But i really had a great time. Many thanks to Second for bringing me here. Such a great place. Unique and relaxing. Bright lights of breeze and drinks flooding! Its such an experience!

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