Saturday, March 17, 2012

Food Coma @ Banchetto!

 If you're a sucker for great and affordable food, this is the place to be! Banchetto in Boni is located just beside Robinson's Pioneer just along EDSA. You will see here lots and lots of great eats. I myself is a fan of food and for me.. this is heaven! You will find here affordable treats like this corndog over here for only 50 pesos. Just watch out its really hot! 

Deep fried to goodness! This is actually the place where i first ate a real corn dog and it was quite an experience coz i think i burned my tongue a little! Better to cool your corn dog before sinking your teeth in it. hehe. Comes in different prices as well.. from jumbo!   

Im dying to try one of these pastas over here. I didnt mind the long line and ordered some macaroni pasta. It comes with 2 pieces of chicken fingers and a piece of bread  for only 99 pesos! Now thats a good one since the pasta is really delicious! Its really heavy on the belly. :) 

Im not done yet! I saw this guy ordered this chili con carne on a hotdog sandwich! Its really mouth-waterring! I ordered the same thing and damn its so delicious.. super. You say "uuhhhmmm" to goodness.. Its quite spicy but its good! Really good..Craving for one actually...  

Now for dessert, I ordered some Oreo Cheesecake. For 99 pesos, you will have a fair slice. But the taste is really good.. A perfect dessert... best with coffee or even your regular juice drink! Forgot to mention, theres a juice stand over there that serves really good smoothies but the line is really long and my patience gave in i just got a drink from someplace else... The good thing about their smoothies is that, they place fruit chunks of the drink that you ordered. For example, if you order for some mango smoothie, they will add chopped mango bits inside your drink... When you sip your smoothie, theres some texture in it which separated it from other fruit smoothies i ever tasted. That explains the long line..
Banchetto over at Boni opens during wednesdays and thursdays from 8:30 till 2am(not sure though..). This place is really the place to be if your are dead hungry.. lots of food choices im just one small place. If you can bring a chair it would be a great idea since the place is jam-packed most of the time and finding a table is sometimes an effort. Drop by banchetto where great food can be affordable yet tastes absolutely good.. 

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