Wednesday, October 3, 2012


Welcome to another food adventure! This is actually a late post. I went to this restaurant in Timog Avenue that i heard is famous for their delicious Kare-Kare and Halo-Halo. This place is called Teresita's. The moment i got there, I ordered their famous Kare-Kare and of course, their popular Halo-Halo for dessert later. Ensogo will be running a deal with them so I asked what are the other best sellers.

They gave me this really delicious Caldereta which by the smell of it is like heaven. Its smells so good im sure  your gastronomic fantasies will come to life! No joke, their Caldereta is really good. Its a must try. Make sure to order another cup of rice coz one is not enough!

chicharong bulaklak
They also served their delicious Chicharong Bulaklak. Man it was damn crunchy! Like thunder in a storm crunchy! Its so good. Dunk it in their special vinegar and feel the sudden gush of enlightenment your eyes will definitely fall off from its sockets. Its that good. Just wanna tell you that if you eat a lot of this stuff, your head  will become really heavy.. maybe the cholesterol kickin but what the heck., im still young! kidding., i ate a few though coz im on the job but if not, naku.. id probably have it with 2 bottles of beer!

Here is their famous Halo-Halo. If im not mistaken, they are the original Razon's restaurant which is popular by their super delicious halo-halo. The leche flan on top is to die for. Its not that sweet but not to bland either. Its just right. This is also a must order at Teresita's.

If you visit their place, its really nice and neat. very clean, organized and they also have a lot of stuff that they sell like brownies and other sweets... you can actually see it in this photo...right down the cashier. 

This place is really nice if you love filipino food. Great food, clean surroundings, very nice staff. Dining here is quite a nice experience. Visit Teresita's and im sure you will have a great time.  

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