Wednesday, March 30, 2011

NatGeo Earth Day Run 2011

Me and Abby signed up for the National Geographic Earth Day Run that will be happening on April 10. My race kit just arrived today and excited na ako tumakbo ulit! hehe. This will be my 2nd 5K run after the Unilab run at BGC.

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Bacardi 151

These 2 badboys are the stars of the night. But the Bacardi 151 is just too much to handle. Even a little doze of this flaming liquid, you will surely say hello to the tooth fairy in a little while. Best served with coke and a lot of ice. On the back is one of our new favorite drinks, the Russian Standard. Very good vodka. The good thing about this is that theres no hangover once you wake up in the morning.And on the top of it,its not that expensive.Only 650 per bottle.

Friday, March 25, 2011

Lunch Out at Henry's Place

Just had a hearty lunch at Henry's Place over at Bonifacio Global City. Its near UCC and i was quite amazed because the last time i went to UCC there were no buildings everywhere. All you can see is a wide vast open space. We went there along with the production team to have a small meeting over lunch. This is actually our tradition where the team goes out and bond together.Took also some photos along the way..

Fish and Tofu in Mandarin Sauce. Boss Jans ordered this and it looks really good and delicious.

This is the production team. From right, Cris the graphic artist, Kannika our creative writer, Theres Nikos our production manager, Edu our webmaster and Boss Janis our boss and Renz our queen graphic artist..

Took a photo of 26th Street in broad daylight. Love this shot.

A little color splash from the Mini Cooper sign.

Watermelon shake for Renz

Shot from the walkway beside Mini Cooper showroom

Edu's Chicken Curry

A photo of the clouds surrounding the Ericsson Center

My Lunch, Mandarin Spare Ribs. I also ordered a Four Seasons Drink to complement this very delicious lunch.

I came back to the office really full. If I only knew., i shouldnt have prepared lunch today. I woke up really early and fried some Spam fresh from the can. At around 5 PM, i grabbed my lunch and ate it.

Now im really full... :)

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Dasol 2011

Breath-taking views, crystal blue waters,exquisite landscapes and white sand beaches. Dasol still marvels me with its humble beauty. Coming back here is sweeter, coz the one who caught my eyes beyond all these fascination is right beside me.Thanks to Shena and to the IBM Beach Life for inviting me and abby. =

Friday, March 18, 2011

Beating the Morning Traffic

When you're late, this is the best option to go fast. Motorcycles hang out beside the mrt station waiting for someone to hitch a ride to go to places in Makati and the Fort area. This is way faster than riding the bus since the stretch along Mckinly is heavy on traffic, these guys can easily sneak its way thru cars. Making an outstanding 5 minute trip from Ayala Station to my office at the Fort. The downside of it is that these guys ask 30pesos per trip unlike the Fort bus that only costs 12 pesos. But for me., paying an extra 18 pesos more is better than being late...

photo taken using my LG wink camera phone

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Lunch at Atzu Atzu

This was a surprise photoshoot for me. I was busy working when my officemate pulled me out of my post and asked me that she wants me to go with her for a photoshoot for one of our clients. I am not informed that i'll have one today so i was caught off guard by this..

We went to Atzu Atzu Restaurant over at Araneta Ave. Its a chinese slash korean restaurant that caters sumptuous dishes surely everybody would love to have.

I really need to practice my skills on shooting food. Generally on product photography itself. Im havin a hard time workin on the shadows and i think it would be really nice if all the shadows are well taken care off.

Im not happy with my shots actually. This is as good as it gets.

They offer this for only 300 pesos thru Ensogo. Not bad huh? The meal is good for two people. It inlcudes a very large hearty soup., 4 Gyozas, Tempura, Rice, a salad dish, a papaya creatively styled and 2 glasses of ice tea. Its really good.

He's responsible for some (or a lot) of the dishes in Atzu Atzu. Gave him a really nice portrait shot for profile's sake.

Good times! =)



Sunday, March 13, 2011

Conquering Mt. Amuyao

I almost forgot about this! I am surprised that I havent posted this one yet. I already posted these photos in my other social networking sites but not here in my main blog. This is probably the hardest feat i ever done in my entire life and it is well worthy to be blogged. This photo is taken at the summit of Mt. Amuyao courtesy of my good friend Alan Andico.

The view is spectacular! I never seen the Rice Terraces before. Back then, i was standing on top of it. Freezing and numb! You might be surprised why am i in shorts though. I just love to walk that way. Love this photo. Thanks again to Alan.

Another angle of the magnificent rice terraces. The water system for these rice fields is a work of a genius! Water is simply distributed from the top all the way down through these small canals right at the edge of the rice fields. The water is cold and clear. I accidentally fell my foot down on one the fields., leaving my shoe thick in mud!

This is a shot before everything else. This is the first glimpse of the trip. I noticed this kilometer mark and thought of it as an interesting foreground. I stayed a little bit for a while to take this photo and slowly catched up. In other words, i was at the tail of the pack. Good thing i didnt got lost.

Life here is so simple that everything is in a pause. No internet, no tv., no radio. All they got here is peace and quiet. The locals here are very hospitable. They are very nice and took care of us. Took this photo at around 5 am where the sun is slowly set to rise. Love the pink hues of the the sky. It is very cold but i love the feeling.

Probably, not planning to go back here.Its not that its not beautiful out here. Its actually beyond beautiful. Its just so hard goin up here and its not for the faint of heart and i think im not that hardcore yet. Im just happy I survived this one. It was a 13 hour trek from the base camp all the way to the top. It was quite a hard feat to accomplish and i am so proud of myself to be on top. Both of my toe nails are dead after the trip. A good pair of hiking shoes is a must if you are planning to go hiking coz i gurantee you, your cross trainers will kill your feet.

more photos at my Multiply titled " I Surviced Mt. Amuyao ".

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Ensogo Media Launch

Its ensogo philippines media launch and i was lucky enough to cover this event. Along with my co worker pat, we gave them really nice photos that would definitey make the assignment really memorable. This is minutes before the guest arrived.

The food was delicious!. I had chicken with mashed potatoes along with mushrooms. Its good.

And desert was outstanding as well. Love this apple pie. Its really good.

Friday, March 11, 2011

Black and Gold ( Subaru )

Saw this really nice Subaru hatch on the parking lot. Love the way it was dropped! Bronze rims on a black car is really hot. This car is nice and neat.

Look how lowered it is. Looks really good. Those rims are bold and strong looking. I love it. I also love the body kit. i dunno if its stock or not.

This is the best part. This is what you call Stance. Its popular in the US and the other parts of the world. I didnt know more people are hooked into this kind of wheel fitment here in the philippines. Check out their site at

Took these photos right after our shoot from sofitel. I was with my co-graphic artist / photographer giving me a ride back to the office. When i got out of his car., saw this really nice subaru and again shutter clicks seem to vibrate inside my head.

To the owner of this car.,you have one sweet ride dude!

Le Spa @ Sofitel

My first time at Sofitel. Had a shoot for their marketing campaign and again, i was lucky enough to be their photographer. The place is really nice. Its one of those places that you would love to stuck inside the whole day. The atmosphere is very relaxing. Its quite an experience.

The interior is amazing as well. I love the color patterns that they used. Those interesting pieces that they used. Love those rattan balls on top of the table. And the pillows has these earthly colors. They are very comfy too. :)

Everyone should wear these slippers once you go inside. They maintain a very neat and clean environment. Thats why you have to remove your shoes and wear these really comfortable flops once you go inside the premises.

These chairs are part of the massage area. Very nice and comfy. Soft music. With the scent of burning oils and those dim lights that really make the whole place very relaxing.

Candles accentuates the calmness of the place. Its really nice.

Im addicted again with the worms eye view angle and this is one of these shots that i really like. :)