Friday, March 11, 2011

Le Spa @ Sofitel

My first time at Sofitel. Had a shoot for their marketing campaign and again, i was lucky enough to be their photographer. The place is really nice. Its one of those places that you would love to stuck inside the whole day. The atmosphere is very relaxing. Its quite an experience.

The interior is amazing as well. I love the color patterns that they used. Those interesting pieces that they used. Love those rattan balls on top of the table. And the pillows has these earthly colors. They are very comfy too. :)

Everyone should wear these slippers once you go inside. They maintain a very neat and clean environment. Thats why you have to remove your shoes and wear these really comfortable flops once you go inside the premises.

These chairs are part of the massage area. Very nice and comfy. Soft music. With the scent of burning oils and those dim lights that really make the whole place very relaxing.

Candles accentuates the calmness of the place. Its really nice.

Im addicted again with the worms eye view angle and this is one of these shots that i really like. :)

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