Monday, August 29, 2011

Honda Bay, Palawan

Honda Bay at Palawan is simply stunning! White sand beach, crystal blue waters, the breathe of fresh air is simply remarkable! Colorful "bancas" grazed the shore of Honda Bay which tourists are slowly flocking in!

Although the weather is quite not on our side, we still went through with beach bumming and went on swimming at Honda Bay's prestigious and popular beach! I have some underwater photos but all of them are at Abby's Billabong underwater film camera. Hope those shots are good. I bet they are coz i saw its photos before and it was really nice. The fishes out there are awesome. They are all out there and it comes in all sizes!

Abby is taking photos of the beach as well with her Lumix LX3. Nice shorts beb! Love it! :)

Our fellow beach bummers Tina and Carlo. The couples are also here to spend the beach bumming experience with us. They have this really nice Olympus Tough Underwater camera that takes really awesome pictures! Hoping to have something like that in the future...

Tourists are slowly arriving. Most of the people who visit this place are foreigners. Majority of them are koreans..

This guy is really feeling it! He's also taking some snaps of the beach. Bet he's tired after all that swimming and snorkling...

Banana Boat! I remember me and Abby had a bad experience the last time were on a banana boat. We fell down real hard and someone bumped Abby's nose and it bled... I guess its better to just watch from the side lines for now...

I was tempted to ride the Jetski but its freakingly expensive. A thousand bucks for 15 minutes! Took a snapshot of a group of friends who just went a ride with the banana boat. I guess they had a really great time with those smiles in their faces.

Now boats are already parked and its getting really crowded as the beach are starting to fill with tourists of all sorts. Inspite of the dark gloomy weather, they cant fight the urge of beach bumming! And that includes us.. Abby is kinda sad since she didnt had that tan that she really wants... =(

I love this girl so much... :)


  1. wow! a post already! sipag! hahaha! It was nice meeting you and Abby! :)

  2. di pa nga tapos eh.. dami pa.. =)


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