Monday, August 29, 2011

Z-Clothing Shoot @ Eco Park

It was a crazy saturday at La Mesa Ecopark for Z-Clothing's product line photoshoot. It was kinda gloomy back then and i was a little worried about the nasty weather that is about to pour on us. There was a lot of people as well that would somehow hinder the shoot but still we went on with the show...

This is Nikki whose wearing this gorgeous purple dress. She really transformed beautifully after the make-up session with Butch Coo. I almost did not recognize her. Love this picture. The bokeh effect on the back made it really intresting. I just love my 70-300 on portraits! I triggered this one with Yongnuos and used an SB600 as fill light.

Its almost golden hour and the sun light is beautiful. Thats Zara and Nikki by the wood railings shooting against the light... Placed my strobes right on the sides to give depth and luminance.

Pat has this undeniable beauty. Shes a head-turner as she walks down the cemented streets of ecopark grazing Z's stunning clothes.

I really like this get up and it suits up with Nikki's personality. She really has this great smile and a refreshing aura. Love this photo.

Inspired by Danny Santos, he's a street photographer in Singapore...I asked Zara to walk down the street with this white umbrella.. With its beautiful colors of greens and yellows., this photo is really cool in the eyes.... match it up with her green dress, its really soothing! Love it!

Z is soon coming and it will be available online. Many thanks to Butch Coo for their make-up. Amazing artistry with the brush. Also to Ms. Cheyz Pedregoza for her knowledge in style. Lastly to Zara Aspiras for the invite. Hope your clothing line makes it to the top and i wouldnt be surprise if it does! Great job guys.

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