Saturday, August 6, 2011

Cravings at Hotel Celeste

If ever you want to go to a place where fine dining and great hotel service is their primary concern, Hotel Celeste at Arnais St. in Makati is one of those hotels to consider. Together with my friends Nikos and Judy, we documented how delicious, how sumptious their buffet is. This is a shot of the roast pork, freshly sliced which is really mouth-waterring!

We arrived at around 10:30am just before the guests arrived. The food is still unblemished, virgin against spoons and forks. I like to shoot it this way to make it more enticing!

This potato wedges looks really good!

table setting is superb. elegant.. stylish. top notch!

I really dont know whats in it but it really looks good and yummy.

They also have this pasta corner. You can choose spaghetti or macaroni and choose from different kinds of sauces.

Once your done, theres fresh fruits for dessert!

I always see this place every time i go to work when i was still working in Makati. I never knew this place rocks!

Most people choose Hotel Celeste because its cozy, relaxing and modern feel. This is a photo at the roof deck where parties are usually gathered.

After the shoot., we had some pizza. Kinda salty though coz i think theres fish in it i dunno. But its good. =)

I would like to thank Nikos and the lovely ms judy for helping me with the shoot. Thanks also to Innie for introducing us to the management of Hotel Celeste. They are really nice and hospitable. I accidentally left my ID there and they rushed outside to return it just before we rode the cab. Thanks guys! I had fun shooting this one out! =)

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