Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Food, Food and More Food!

Wassup everyone! Im so sorry i havent been posting anything this past few days. Its just., ived been soooo busy eating.. going I have been so pre occupied that i almost forgot about my blog I had a shoot at one of the most delicious Burritos in town - "Faburrito". It is located at The Columns along Ayala Avenue at Makati. The food their is good and if you dig burritos, you got to try theirs. Its really good. This one has mangoes in it and it surely tastes awesome. Great thing about this is that many people bought the vouchers from Ensogo. I hope my photography helped jack up their sales. Shooting this one is really fun. Enjoy and busog!

This one is the most delicious Chocolate Cake from Hungrypac and Ensogo is having a deal for them. This chocolate cake is so good that teh chocolate is thick and rich and man o man.. i never tasted a chocolate cake this so good! Using a single strobe reflected on top.. I achieved this really good looking photo of the cake! Sarap!

To round up my favorite food snaps these past few days, this is a.. cupcake from Slice. This is called Choco Madness and damnit its real good. Every bite has chocolate bits... so creamy, so chocolatey., its just so good you'l gonna love it. Their store is just beside Jamba Juice and this is perfect for my Chocolate Moo'd drink! I love it. I love chocolate! Soon they will open their store around high street probably around february. For now they have this small kiosk just beside Jamba Juice.

So there ya go. Again really sorry for the long long delay of my posts. Hopin to post some new additions for my car. The transformation is sweet and pretty much made a hole out of my pockets! But its cool though. Seeing what you work hard for is all good.. Makes me sit on front of the car appreciating the beauty... I love it. Soon soon il post some pics!

Happy Holidays everybody!

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