Saturday, September 22, 2012

Tornado Peri-Peri Chicken

Chicken Maryland
When I was on my way to my photoshoot at Getaway Spa over at Sgt. Esguerra, I came by this really eye catching restaurant. Sign is in big, bold, yellow text situated on a red background. Very effective sign i tell you because it difinitely caught my attention. The place  looks very fresh and new. When I saw the posters, the food there looks delicious. I just said to myself that im going in there after my shoot. It suddenly became a goal after work. A price for hard work! What is this place?  Welcome to Tornado Peri-Peri Chicken! 

Chicken Maryland
Food there is really delicious. I asked for their best seller which is the Chicken Maryland. I wanted to try their burgers but im on a hurry so I just had the chicken. I have no plans to pull out my camera but I cant resist. I chose the window seat and pulled out my 50mm. Then I kept on firing away. Again, even though im dead starving, I still managed to take photos of the chicken. Man.., the chicken looks really delicious. Skin is really delicious. Meat is so tender. Plus the sauce is awesome! After taking the photos, I instantly devoured a big piece on that thigh! I tell you this is so damn good. I really love the taste. Specially the skin. This is one great meal at an affordable price! Costs around 160 pesos. 

Spicy Lumpia
I also tried their Chili Lumpia, better known as Dynamite to some. But this one is special because it has ground pork inside than the usual green pepper and cheese. Its so delicious. Costs around 220 pesos for 8 pieces. Not bad because its really really good. I had it to go and shared it to my officemates and they  loved it as well.

fun and quirky interior design
What I like the most at Tornado is the Interior Design of their restaurant. Its really fun looking! Look at those shapes and curves. Very minimalistic and effective. Quirky and fun designs that is really interesting. Kudos to the people who designed this place. Good job!

Please drop by at Tornado Peri-Peri Chicken over at Sgt Esguerra Avenue. They are located near ABS-CBN and they have this big red sign im sure you wont miss. Food there is really great. Thanks to the cashier who seems to be a very jolly person when I was there. Shes really nice. Tornado Peri-Peri Chicken, im sure you will love it. Cant way to try out their burgers...

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