Tuesday, May 31, 2011

A Visit to Deli Boys

Last week, i had a shoot at one of the best deli shops in the metro. The Deli Boys at Northeast Square in Greenhills, San Juan . They sell different kinds of meat from pork chops to lamb chops, to sausages and beef franks. Their place in Greenhills is really nice and very modern looking.

This is part of their deal for Ensogo. It has a soup, a salad (pictured on top) and their steak. Their chef really made this salad very enticing to eat. He meticulously arranged the dish to make it more mouth-watering. Kudos to their master chef!

I never seen a caramel spread before and when i saw this one., my taste buds went berzerk! I'd definitely buy one if i had another chance.

Cheese of all sorts are also available at their store. All fresh and most of them i guess are imported. Its a little pricey though but these products cannot be found on regular supermarkets.

Even the toothpick dispenser catched my eye! I wonder where do they buy these kinda stuff!

They also sell a wide variety of wines. From white wine to red wine, they have it here. Perfect combination for those delicious steaks and salads.

Deliboys is definitely one of those places that you would want to visit if you love cooking. If you are looking for a deli shop that caters to most of your authentic dishes, this is the right place to go! Not only that, you can also dine inside their very modern looking restaurant that assures your dining experience ravishing! Deli Boys is located at Northeast Square building, Connecticut St, over at Greenhills. Many Thanks to sir Perry for enlightening us inside their delightful restaurant.

Thursday, May 26, 2011

The Burger Project

Behold!This is probably the most unique burger i ever Tasted! This is The Itallian Stallion - one of Burger Project's designer burgers. This bad boy is stuffed with pepperoni, mozzarella cheese, pesto sauce, sun dried tomatoes, lettuce and a big slab of beef sandwiched on oatmeal or sesame buns! Its sinfully good! Definitely a must try! The Burger Project is located in Maginhawa Street. Inside teacher's Village within Quezon City.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Makati Palace Hotel

After my shoot at Tia Marias, we went straight to Makati Palace Hotel for another photoshoot. Its right at the heart of Burgos street in Makati where a lot of foreigners flock around on which is the main guests at the hotels around the area.

This is the main entrance of the restaurant. Love the piano peeking at the entrance door.
Too bad the photoshoot did not pushed through because there were issues regarding the schedule of the deal so we have to re-sked the photoshoot. Kinda frustrating but what the hell... we just asked if we could take photos of the lobby and the restaurant for future documentation.

So we just asked to take photos of the place and good thing they agreed. We are scheduled to go back probably next week. I hope everything is ok by then so we can take photos of the buffet table on which is truly worth the wait. Thanks to Ms. Sheila of Makati Palace Hotel for her warm hospitality.

Tia Marias

This is so good. I only had one bite of this and its really really delicious. This is a must try. I just dont know whats the name of this dish.

The soft tacos looks really good! Its packed with cheese and that special sauce that makes it so good. This is one of Tia Maria's Best seller.

The Margarita is absolutely a crowd favorite! This is perfect actually for a hot summer day and we all have shots of this awesome mix. Drinking while working! :)

This is my lunch. I always love burritos. Its just a complete meal which is heavy on your tummy .Busog factor is high with this dish. One one of my favorites at Tia Marias.

The good thing with this dish is its not only looks delicious., it smells really well too! This is one of the best buffalo wings i ever tasted. Definitely a must try!

Old memories came rushing in as i went to our old tambayan place near The Enterprise Center, Cantina by Tia Marias. I just love the food there. Their Burritos are so good its actually one of my favorites. Their quesadillas are exquisite as well. I was just happy to shoot for them since this is probably one of my most memorable places when i was still working in Makati. I hope their deal with Ensogo goes well. Good food, great ambiance, memorable place, come visit Tia Marias and im sure you all will have a great time.

Summer's Closing In

Summer is starting to close in and this is one of the signs coz rain is starting to pour hard. Rain water is starting to fill our water drum on which we use to water the plants. I have my camera with me and my 50mm and noticed the big nasty drops so loud that reverberates annoyingly. Gave it a quick snap at 1/800 at high ISO. I just love the capture. Great stuff. :)

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Its Jona's Birthday!

We gave Jona a surprise birthday visit and it was a blast! When she saw Abby at the door., she was kinda surprised coz what the heck is abby doin at the house?! Hehe., Upon reaching the door, she was hell surprised people are there to welcome her birthday. We brought a chocolate cake that sez Happy Birthday BaD! haha., its suppose to be "Bap"., i guess the "P" looks like a "D".

Angge came and even Jeff who was assigned at Baguio gave Jona a visit! She was obviously touched and gave each one of us a tight hug.

Of course, a birthday party should have a descent group picture! Oh yeah this is descent! hehe. Love Tet's pose with the flat iron! hahaha. It was fun. Thanks Angge for the chicken and thanks abby for the chocolate cake :) Happy Birthday Jona! Good times...

Amagora Pupfish Station

I was on breaktime when a friend of mine tagged me on facebook. it says :

1. Go to en.wikipedia.org and click RANDOM ARTICLE on left. The first random wikipedia article you get is the name of your band.

2. Go to quotationspage.com and hit random. The last four or five words of the very last quote of the page is the title of your first album.

3. Go to flickr and click on "explore" then “last seven days”. Third picture no matter what it is, will be your album cover.

4.Use photoshop or similar program to put it all together.

5.Post it with this text in the "caption" and TAG the friends you want to join in.

I gave it a try and here it is! :) Try it as well :)

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Along the Way

San Miguel by the bay, just outside UNO Pizzeria where i held a photoshoot for their deal. The pizza is still cooking and my gear is already on stand-by. I got bored and with a camera with me, i took some photos of the overcast sunset. Just love the clouds in this photo. Its like., its on fire!

Photo of The Peninsula along Ayala Ave. Usually its illegal to shoot along ayala avenue. But since im sitting inside a car., just dropped down my window and kept on shooting. The lady with a blue umbrella is an accident. She just went by. :)

Finally the sun showed up with its firey fascade. The US Navy is actually here in Manila and saw their ships anchored at Manila Bay. Saw their Aircraft carrier and their 2 destroyers.

Took portraits as well, saw this cute kid and took a photo of her. I used my monochrome settings and used my 70-300 lens giving me a very nice picture from afar.

During the shoot at Cowboy Grille, the client was hungry and nicely asked us what do we want for lunch. I was actually joking that i uttered if they have "Crispy Pata". The client obliged and ordered a plateful of crispy pata! It was so good until now i can still taste it.

It was a verrrrry long day.. 3 photoshoots in one day. 1st stop, NetPlaza at thefort. It was quite a challenge since the client has high expectations but luckily it went good. Then off to Makati to shoot for a car shop then went back at the office. Then went to Mall of Asia to shoot for a pizzeria. Here are some exerps from my shoot...

Master of Light

Bought 2 books today. I bought this hardbound copy of "Master of Light, Ansel Adams and His Influences". He's one of my favorite photographers of all time and in this book, you'll see most of his amazing photos. On sale for less than 600 pesos! Last copy! I also bought Michael Freeman's Photography Field Guide w/c is essential if u wanna get serious w/ travel photography.

Monday, May 16, 2011

The Calaguas Experience!

Silhouette of Abby at Calaguas Beach. This was actually a test shot and i am surprised that it went good. Love the colorful hues at the background. One of the best places to enjoy the sunset.

According to my research, they call this the " Long Beach ". By the name itself, i think its very long stretch of white sand beach that Calaguas has to offer. This photograph was taken at high noon. The best time to shoot the area since the waters are blue and the clouds are amazing!

Travel Factor.org really made our stay at Calaguas memorable. Everything was organized. The bus ride, the food, the tents that we used. They got it all covered. All you have to do is enjoy the stay. That exactly is what we did.

After our stay at Calaguas, we went to Bagasbas Beach, somewhere in Leyte to go surfing. I didnt tried it though and i wish I did coz it looks really fun. maybe next time. I just took out my 70-300 and took photos of our co-travelers. This photo is one of my favorites.

Night came and its time for socials. The troops gathered around the beach and introduced themselves. When it was my turn, when i said where i was working and what i do, some of them got frantic and surprised... there was this deal of ours that has a lot of complaints (zest air) that even in my vacation., we are still haunted with disappointed customers. The team is working things with Zest Air and I hope all of their concerns will be cleared.

Calaguas is astonigshingly breath-taking! Powdery white sand, crystal blue waters and bright sunny weather embraced us upon setting our foot on the warm sands of the Island. Many thanks to Travel Factor for giving us the Ultimate Beach Bumming Experience!

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Estrellas de Mendoza

Welcome to Estrellas de Mendoza Playa Resort in Laiya Batangas! This is the wonderful view of the pool side. Very classy design and the pool is spectacular!

Its our company's 1st summer outing. Its a fun-filled weekend packed with games, frisbee, food trip and of course Manny Pacquiao!

This is the view from the 7th floor of the hotel. Those bright orange cabanas are captivating. Making the place look a lot cozy. I love the design., the landscaping., the whole area actually. Its really a wonderful place to go if you're close to Manila.

This is one of my favorite photos of the trip wer you will see the grand spiral staircase gorgeously gives us a wonderful view from above.

Together Again in Just One Day

Its been a while since our family got reunited again. I think its almost 20 years! My brothers are already working abroad and my elder sister as well.

Grabbed the opportunity to take the family photos and I want it as crazy as ever. Its fun doing it this way than the ordinary., straight face look.

We were suppose to go rent a studio but what the heck., i am the photographer and i should be the one making my own studio! With a simple one strobe set-up, everything went well..