Sunday, February 9, 2014

Shi Lin

If you're looking for an authentic Taiwanese restaurant, well this is definitely the place. This is my 2nd time at Shi Lin. I had my first visit at their branch in Bonifacio Global City. It's my first time to taste that delicious Xiao Long Bao (many thanks to Ms. Mara and Eduardo for the treat!).  I had my second visit at their branch in Rockwell Powerplant. I had a photoshoot there for their deal in Ensogo.  

Took  a photo of the chefs making the Xiao Long Bao. This is also one of the assets of the restaurant because you can see the chefs working on the food with its huge glass window facing their work kitchen. 

This is best with their sauce - 1 part soy sauce and 1 part vinegar. Using the spoon, dip it in slowly into the sauce then eat it slowly.Indulge and savor the explosion of flavors inside. :)  Just make sure that Xiao Long Bao is not that hot coz it might burn your tongue! Haha, i am victim actually. haha :)

I also had their delicious shrimp and pork siomai. Never seen siomai aesthetically good. Looks really appetizing. The taste is just perfect.  The combination of the shrimp and pork is heavenly good. This is a must try at Shi Lin. 

They also serve different kinds of noodles. This 2 photos over here are two of their most delicious noodles. Noodles with Pork ( i think thats Pork Tonkatsu.) and the other one is the Noodles with Spicy Sesame Peanut Sauce. 

After a great meal, its always good to drink a nice cup of tea. 

Shi Lin over at Rockwell is a really nice restaurant. Its really clean. Spacious. A mixture of cultural and modern design  which  is really nice. Staff is really accommodating and service is fast.

Their background music kinda teleports you to Taiwan. It definitely adds up to that authentic  feel.    I would love to go back there someday. 

Many thanks to Mam Cherry and her staff for the warm hospitality. The hand on the Xiao Long Bao and Tea shot is actually hers! Many thanks for helping me out from the shoot. I would also like to thank Sherry of ensogo for all the help and assistance.  

Friday, February 7, 2014

Annabels Restaurant and Flower Shop

If there's one place like an institution for great dining, you have to admit Annabel's restaurant along Tomas Morato should definitely  be on that list. They serve the best Paellas I ever had! The fresh seafood, the aroma of that rice, the flavors is just mesmerizing. This is definitely their best meal in the house.  

The great thing about this place is just...the ambiance is very homey.  Maybe because this is an old house converted into a restaurant. They serve dishes in different sorts. Filipino, Spanish, Japanese...  They also serves some steaks and different kinds of desserts. ( I really love the natural light flooding all over the place... )

Took a photo of Chef Ronaldo slicing that delicious Wagyu Steak!

Isn't that delicious! Im slowly getting hungry... :(

They also serve delicious salads with different kinds of dressings!

With a wide variety of desserts, its really hard which one would you get first! The one at the bottom that looks like a leche flan is so damn good! Theres also fruits on the side which is great. I love fruits after a really good meal. :)  

But this one... this one is just sublime. Their version of the Red Velvet is simply delicious. That sweetness of that glaze on top, that moist succulent cake at the all bursts with goodness. It's so good...

They also have a wide selection of wine and spirits.. i actually love this wine rack . I actually want one at home!    

 I almost forgot that they also do flower arrangements. This one right here is just beautiful. 

Annabel's is just one of those restaurants that I really love. The place is very relaxing... i love the smell of coffee all over.. (their coffee is really good too!). People usually do meetings here.. they usually talk about business...  their recent tours.. their 9th hole in their game of golf... I mean, this is the perfect place to have some good coffee over great conversations.  Good food, great ambiance.. its definitely Annabels...  

Many thanks to Mam Grace and her staff for being very hospitable. Thanks also to the chefs. Your food is awesome! I also want to thank Hazel, my fellow officemate, for assisting me with the shoot.  

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Kai Shu Japanese Restaurant

Kai Shu Japanese restaurant is one of the best authentic Japanese restaurants that you will find around the metro. It is located inside the Networld Hotel Spa and Casino along Roxas Blvd. cor. Gil Puyat Avenue. I really love Japanese food and this is a real treat for me. Photo on top is their delicious California Maki. One of their best sellers. 

As you can see from the outside, the place is rich in Japanese culture. Too bad i did not had the chance to take a picture of the huge Koi pond inside. It's a really nice place if you want that Japanese ambiance as you dine. 

The dining areas are divided in to small rooms. This is nice because you have a little privacy as you enjoy your food with your family or friends. I also love that you have to sit low with these japanese tables. i was kinda worried because im having a hard time eating in Indian sitting position...but to my surprise, beneath the table is hollow where you can actually rest your legs :)

Its time to eat! All those delicious dishes right in front of you is just overwhelming! I have to say, you will love my job... Food here in Kai Shu is just.. ugh.. delicious! 

i love this!

pork tonkatsu is really delicious

their gyoza is really good...

tempura is perfect!

their food for the Gods is a great ending for that sumptuous meal!

There's so much food!  Actually i love them all. What a dining experience! Im so full. My diet is wrecked! :) I would like to give  thanks to Faye, my partner for this shoot. She helped me around with the lights and stuff. To all the staff of Kai Shu over at Networld Hotel, thank you so much. As always, you have been very kind and hospitable. Thank you so much. Watch out for this deal soon launching at Ensogo! :)