Saturday, September 17, 2011

Ice Cream Overload at The Creamery

They say, everytime your sad and feel a little down, the best remedy would be Ice Cream! Lots and lots of Ice cream... Seriously, it would make you feel better. We invaded this really very colorful ice cream place at Mall of Asia named The Creamery and it was quite an experience ! Photo above is their famous Choo Choo train where 3 scoops of ice cream , vanilla, mango and chocolate, topped with nuts and chocolate syrup, garnished with bananas and smothered by whip cream. All formed like a choo choo train. Pretty neat huh?

They have an open kitchen enclosed in an ice cream van whici is a really nice concept by the way. As you look at how they prepare your ice cream makes you mouthwater profusely!

forgot the name of this ice crem and this one is one of their bestsellers. strawberry ice cream with bananas and peaches! Spell yummy?? argh.. im craving right now..

All sorts of goodies simply captures my playful eye. Love the colors! I want these sprinkles on top of my ice cream!

Not only they serve ice cream, they also have great food as well. I love this grilled pork belly. I was hungry that time and i really need something to eat and this one just made me drool. Sarap din nito.. They also serve good pasta according to the reviews. The creamery also handles ice cream parties within their store. I saw one of the staff preparing the loot bags.

although the price is a little tough on the budget, its still one of those places youd love to drop by specially if you love ice cream. Go visit The Creamery at Mall of asia and experience the cold truth about these mouthwatering delights!

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