Friday, March 28, 2014


I never ate at a German / Turkish restaurant before and man it's about time. Welcome to Bamm over at A.Venue in Makati! They serve really delicious food and I highly recommend it. What's to order? try this one over here, their delicious Beef Doner. It has really delicious beef chunks, stuffed in this delicious pita bread with vegetables and spices to go with it. What I love with this dish is the spicy kick at your first bite! It's really nerve racking! Served with potato chips and it goes hand in hand with an ice cold beer! Definitely a must have at Bamm! 

If the Beef Doner bamms you in the face.. wait till you try their delicious Curry Wurst Sausage! This is the best sausage i ever tasted! It's really damn good. I doesn't have that rubbery feel as you chew it. It's soft, tender, juicy. It's so effin' good! One of my favorites!

Now this one is a real treat for you guys. Their Hummus is simply delicious... as in. Im ot hypin' them up or anything but it really do taste good... Those pickles actually added flavor and goodness... Just mix it really well and enjoy it with its hot Pita bread...

took another shot this time on close-up. I can still taste it... Don't forget to order this one.  You won't regret it. 

it's so good.. it even has a certificate of goodness... ;)

In every photo, i do believe if there's a human element, the photo becomes more interesting (Thanks sir Thaniel!). As for this photo, Paul (our daring sales dude) got an idea of taking  photos of the girls holding the beer. I think the idea worked pretty well! Beer and girls usually comes hand in hand. :) 

and of course for our female counterparts, good looking guys drinking beer puts an extra level of machismo on your photo so here it is! Say hello to the owners of Bamm : Jann and Heiner. Thank you for having us! Your food is really awesome! 

I also love the interior of this restaurant. It's very nice and clean. I also love the choice of colors. It's not that big but its not cramped. I also love the way they placed photos of guests on the table. I even saw a picture of Paul and his special someone along with the celebrities! 

They also have a stall at Baga Manila, just outside A.Venue mall. There you can enjoy your food and booze al fresco style! Took a photo of Heiner and his friends having a great time! :) 

The best part of the shoot is enjoying moments like these... Perks of the job! haha. Many thanks to Bamm's crew for being so nice and hospitable. I had fun and you kinda made my life easy when doing the shoot. Thanks for all the help!  

Thanks also to sir mike for all the help specially with the food styling. Great tip sa beer! I'd remember that! Salamat. Thanks for all the help. I'l drop by sometime and i hope you guys give me a discount! Haha. Just kidding! :) 

I will leave you with this killer combo, The Radler beer and Beef Doner. Thanks once again Bamm for having us! Its a pleasure! Thanks to Jann and Heiner and to their staff. You guys rock. See you guys again! 

Bamm is located at the lower ground floor of the A.Venue Mall in Makati Avenue. Visit their facebook page at BammMNL and follow them on twitter at

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