Sunday, October 21, 2012

House of Lasagna

Lasagna madness!!! It always has been my favorite food of all time. I grew up watching Garfield and when i first heard garfield craving for some lasagna, i was just curious how good it was. When I tried it, its been my favorite ever since. Welcome to House of Lasagna! It is located at the lower ground floor of Centris near the MRT Quezon Avenue Station. Food there is absolutely delicious! Went on a shoot with Jocy and their new manager Ms. Maj. 

Before the shoot, i thought it would be a lot better if some of the ingredients will be shown at the photo. I asked Chef Erick Congmon if he could lend me some garlic, onions and some of his spices. I played with the food set up and came up with this.    

Placed my ever reliable softbox umbrella at the back for that delightful highlights and adorable shadows. Now i cant live without my sekonic lightmeter. It really helps me with the exposure reading. Making my job easy. The Carbonara Lasagna is really delicious! Of the two lasagnas this one is my favorite. 

Had another angle of the Beef Lasagna photo on landscape. Im sure you will love this one as well. Sauce is so creamy. The meat inside is just stuffed generously. Theres goodnes within and we loved it so much. Besides the beef and carbonara lasagna, there are other flavors to choose from. Also, their desserts are really delicious! Too bad i didnt had the chance to take photos of their Sansrival and Apple pie. I so love the Sansrival... 

This is Chef Erick posing for his wonderful creations... I really want a photo of the chef if its possible in all my restaurant shoots. Its nice showing who's the man behind the delicious meals we  feature on our website. Its always been an honor working with them. They are all nice and very accomodating.   

Watch out for this deal launching real soon! Imagine for only 199 pesos, you will have 2 lasagnas. Normally each lasagna costs 200 pesos but in this deal you will have 2 lasagnas for only 199. Its a really great deal because the lasagnas are really delicious. House of Lasagna is accessible specially for those who commute using the MRT because its located beside Quezon Avenue Station over at Centris. I assure you, this deal is a winner! 

Many thanks to Chef Erick for the warm hospitality. To his partner sir Alfonso, thank you sir! And to all of their friendly staff. Thank you so much for having us. We enjoyed the stay and the food is incredible! We really had a great time. Thank you also to Ms. Maj and Jocy for the company. Its been a fun photoshoot. Thanks guys!

Enjoy Lasagna at its finest! For more inquiries, you can reach House of Lasagna, Centris branch at (+632) 709-70-04


  1. this looks really good. i must try. thank you for sharing.

  2. you should! their lasagnas are really delicious!


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