Friday, October 29, 2010

The Sky Will Clear After

Its been a long day at the office and everything seems to be off and bad vibes keep on pouring. But what do you know, after all the shitty things thats been happenin, something good brightened my dull, sad eyes.. I saw the sky like this outside the window... like a message above telling me, "Dont to get too hard on to yourself... the day is still young. Good things will come." Then suddenly Jane and Ken walked inside the office carrying a birthday cake for Ms. Flor. Its her birthday today. See.. the day aint that bad afterall...

Wednesday, October 27, 2010


This is a popular Filipino Delicacy. Chicken or Pork intestines almost charcoaled- grilled to perfection! I know it sounds eeky but you got to try it. Its just so damn good. Photo with lovely Abby after our jog in UP Diliman. Taken using Abby's LX3. This is also a photo from our 6th Monthsary. I love you babe! :)

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Mediaworld Photoshoot

Its my first shoot at Images by MediaWorld Creatives Inc. Along with Marco Quimson and Angge Barcelona, we took amazing photos of these young professionals who will soon become International Flight Attendants. Its been an honor for me to take their photos.

Angge gave tips to the models how to pose while Marco took care of the strobing effects. I took the liberty of taking the shots. This will be my 3rd studio shoot (First 2 was in UP from my photography workshop). and at still got Nervous at first. But as i went shooting., everything came natural.

I just realized that I need to buy more memory cards. I used up my 4Gig SD card from the shoot since i used RAW + fine on my shots. Good thing Marco and Angge have extra memory cards for me to use. I have some great photos from their memory cards that I would love to include in this blog. Unfortunately, i dont have it. I'l just add those photos in the future.

I had a great time today even though my knees are a little stressed out. This job is really is my thing! When im shooting, i dont really think its work because im really having fun. Is this a sign that I should continue doing this? Is it time to do this full time?

I would like to thank Images by Mediaworld Co. for the opportunity to shoot at their studio. Thanks to Marco Quimson for the strobes and the lights and for the space ! And to Angge Barcelona for her creative imagination on the poses and the lighting techniques.

For your photo services, contact Images by Mediaworld Creatives Co.

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Shooting Short Notice

Sir Jay just gave me a surprise call last friday night. He was kinda desperate looking for a photographer for the day. He thought of me immediately and gave me a call. He asked me to shoot Confetti Salon for their Ensogo, Online Marketing campaign. Good thing I brought my camera with me and took the job.

I took an early lunch break and went the place. The owners are very hospitable. They even gave me a glass of tea. The place is good. Full of bright, vibrant colors. I love the chairs that comes in green! It suits the color of their ceiling.

They also have this mini bar which serve organic food. In the future, they will provide free Internet access to its customers. Perfect for husbands who wait for their wives to finish doing their hair.

I was amazed by the design of this light fixture. The owner of the Salon seems to travel a lot since there are stuff in there that usually comes from different places.

They also offer spa services. In this photo below, you will see here the massage area. Smells really good because of the oils and scented candles that you will find inside. Its kinda hard to shoot at small places but good thing I managed.

This area over here divides the spa area from the salon area. I like these beads hanging. It gave a mediterranean feel for the salon. Its like once you enter., you are in a different Zen. I really like what they have done in this area.

They also have whirlpool tubs inside each for men and women. They also do facial services for. This place is the one for you if you love to give yourself a little pampering. Im sure you will enjoy your visit out here.

Monday, October 11, 2010

Run For Pasig

October 10, 2010 or simply 10.10.10 is a momentous day for all the people who participated the 10-10-10 Run for Pasig event held in Mall of Asia. This fund raising event was attended by almost 170,000 people. Its such a record-breaking event. The run is divided into four groups : the 3k run, the 5k run, the 10k run and the 21k run. Abby and her officemates, Jap, Teng and Jona participated in the 5K sponsored by their company Accenture. I simply just tagged along and decided to meet them at the finish line.

Since the call time for the run is way to early, around 4am, its best to just get a room nearby so that it would be easier for us rather than leaving the house super early in the morning. Abby and her friends decided to check-in at Great Eastern Hotel in Makati late saturday afternoon. Me and abby arrived at the hotel first. While waiting for Abby's friends, She enjoyed watching Nat Geo while munching on Cheese Balls. When her friends arrived, we had dinner at North Park. I had the orange lemon chicken which is my favorite and Abby had Prawn Dimsum served with North Park's famous Yang Chao Rice. Too bad i dont have a picture of our meals. Our dinner was superb!

We took a cab going to the 5K starting point at CCP complex. We arrived ahead of schedule. As they got off, i took the cab and asked the driver to drop me off to Mall of Asia, the finishing point of the run . The traffic was way too heavy. Good thing the cab driver knows his way around and kept me out of traffic. Since the roads are already blocked, i have no choice but to walk from the main street all the way to the finish line. This is what it looks like around 4:53am. Gun start will be at 5:30am.

Wished Abby for luck and gave her words of encouragement that actually made her jiterry! haha. Told her to have fun and i'l be waiting for her at the finish line, just beside the camera crew of ABS-CBN. :) I was along side Sev Sarmienta, one of ABS-CBN's respected sportscasters. He said, if he had a chance to organize a marathon, hed want it to start at 5 in the afternoon so that runners can go get some booze after they finish. The crew just laughed even though they'r still sleepy and all that. :)

The first batch of runners arrived! There were military men, police, the navy. Participants from different companies. Young and old. Even saw a man running without any shoes! Runners from different walks of life just paced their way to the finish line. I was kinda sad coz i didnt had a chance to get an areal shot of the runners. It could have been a really great photo.

But its alright, seeing my girl at the finish line after that long run, was a very rewarding experience. Specially for her! Im so proud of Abby. She finished the run in 1 hour and 1 minute. I could not help myself giving her a kiss after she crossed that line. Took this picture of Abby, so loud and proud. :)

Then her friends arrived. Jap came second to Abby then Teng and Jona. Very proud of their latest accomplishment. I took a group picture of them while sweat still trickles down the side of their faces. It was a such an experience. Good job guys!

As a proud stage boyfriend, (haha) :P Jap took a photo us. Im so proud of this girl!!! She started to give up smoking then started to get active playing badminton and going to UP on weekends to jog around the UP oval. It all started after we bought that shoe! hehehe. Love you beb! Il make sure i will run along with you next time. :)

After the run, we were about to get their Finisher's Band ( the bracelet that they give away for the runners once you finished), but the sad thing is, we ran out of bracelets.... its just frustrating coz some people have two or three bracelets with them. Broke our hearts since we really want those bracelets. Its just a bummer..

So there.. thats my experience during 10.10.10. You might wanna ask why i didnt run? Simply coz im not registered. hehe. Why didnt I? Coz...registration is already closed. Its too late.. Its all good..Besides I had fun taking pictures of Abby and her friends as they finish the run :) Maybe next year or till the next run.. :)

Are we ready for the Unilab Run? hehe

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

A Visit to Zoobic

Its been a while since i went to the zoo and i was fortunate enough to be invited by Abby and her friends to go with them at Subic. At first i was very doubtful of the weather because the forecast says its gonna rain all through out the afternoon. It rained yes but heavens enlightened us a window of sunshine to make our zoo adventure trip worthwhile. We went to Zoobic Safari at Subic Bay.

Subic Safari is home to a lot of Tigers. Its actually the biggest Tiger Safari here in the Philippines. Its my first time to see a white tiger. I only see them in National Geographic and probably Simba the white lion. In this picture, the ranger is feeding the tiger with dressed chicken. Letting the visitors see the huge tiger devour that meat. According to the tour guide, Tigers here eat 7-15 lbs of meat everyday. No wonder why these cats are huge!

Owls really fascinates me. Its eyes are so eerie that sometimes by looking at them really fascinates me. This is probably my first photo of an owl up close. There are wide species of birds out there. From small colorful love birds, to noisy parrots and huge funny looking ostrich.

I happen to notice that there are a lot of doves and pigeons at the safari as well. I caught this bird in flight. Love this picture once i saw it on my view finder.

Now this shot is one of my favorites as well. I caught this ostrich looking straight at me. I dunno what is he curious about. Hes just there lookin at me. I grabbed my camera and took a photo of him. Funny looking dude.

So there you go. Those are my favorite shots from Zoobic Safari. If you want to view more pictures, please visit my multiply site at