Sunday, November 14, 2010

My New Lens!

The newest addition in my camera gear. I always wanted a Nikkor 50mm f/1.4. I think this lens is like 20 years old and still works ell. Its kinda hard to turn i guess due to age. Autofocus doesnt work if I attach this lens to my camera. I just have to go Manual.

The quality of the images from this lens is sharp! I love the bokeh effect. This lens is a great addition for my gear. Perfect for portraits and product shots. I just have to use it more often to loosen it up.

Look at the bokeh on those wild flowers. Its just amazing. I love this new lens!

Thursday, November 11, 2010


David was the last person to shoot for PAL's Flight Cabin Crew photoshoot. Thanks to Marco for helping me with the lights. Even though it was raining yesterday, we still managed to capture his video. Thanks again to Images by Mediaworld Co. for the chance to use their equipment.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

2nd Shoot for PAL's Cabin Crew

Some of the members of PAL's flight crew did not make it from the first shoot. They organized a 2nd shoot and im glad it turned up pretty well.

The shoot started late due to bad weather. Rain started to pour really hard. Good thing it didnt last long since we have to take videos of them at the roof top. We were a little worried about the scenario. Faith pushed us through.

Setting up the lights took most of the time. Me and Marco had to lift the tables and chairs to make-way for our back-drop and strobes.

I appreciate working with these people. they are really nice and down to earth. There was a time that I dreamed of being a flight attendant. But im not a good swimmer and its a big requirement. All i wanna do is just slide that yellow thing that pops out of the plane. Looks fun.

Thanks to Angge Barcelona and Marco Quimson for the creative direction and the light set-up. You guys are really doing well. I also would like to thank Images by Mediaworld Creatives Co. for giving me another chance to shoot at their studio. Thanks guys.

I really love doing this. Hope theres more in the future. To this batch of PAL Cabin crew, congratulations! Happy graduation. Good job guys!

Monday, November 1, 2010


Most of the time, life is a mess. But no matter how messy life could be, life goes on. Like these cable wires.. they look messy and very unorganized but they do the job. Supply power, provides communication...keep us entertained. No matter how unorganized it does the job. SO what am i trying to say? Nothing... i just find it amusing how wrecked or messy or disorganized some things may be, life moves on... they can still provide good things. They can still act normal and bring goodness to a lot of people...