Sunday, June 2, 2013

Hwaro-in Korean Grill

Remember my previous post about this really nice Korean restaurant called Maru? The owners have the same restaurant but this time its around the Malate area and its called the Hwaro-In Korean Grill. Had a shoot there along with Ms. Aila for their amazing deal at Ensogo. Im so excited with this shoot because we're  cooking some Korean grub once again which i totally love... For only P299, you'l get all of these! Thats a great deal! Lower than the previous price at Maru!   

They have this really nice grill, different from Maru. Here you can see, scrambled egg concoction  are being poured on the sides. It makes a perfect side dish for the Samgyupsal! 

Grill is hot and the meat is ready to be cooked! 

Look at that!!! Ain't that yummy?! The aroma of the meat is so good.... everything here is healthy.. Everything is grilled and it has no oil... The eggs on the side looks really delicious! 

Mam Jeanie told us to try this popular Korean dish..its like Isaw, or pig intestines in Korea. These are imported meat. They are already cleaned., then boiled with added flavors,,then cleaned again. Then grilled. This is high grade meat Mam Jeanie said and we are about to partake on this one delightful dish in no time. 

Everything seems to be golden brown and ready to eat! The aroma is mesmerizing!  We also grilled some Kimchi on the side... argh this is heaven. Korean food is love! 

It has its own special kind of sauce which i dunno where its made off but damn it tastes so good.. i love it so much. It really do tastes like our isaw bilog here in pinas but quite more tasty. Plus its sauce is a sure winner! 

This place really rocks for me. Its a little smaller than Maru restaurant along Makati Ave.But the venue looks really nice and clean. Light flooded the area because of its glass walls. The tables and chairs are arranged in huge gaps., making it comfy, free to move and less cramped inside the restaurant...
View from the outside is well lit. Its really inviting to go inside. Very simple yet very stylish interior and exterior designing. 

Once again, we had a really nice shoot at Hwaro-in. We were so full! Thats me holding a shot of Soju...which tastes really good as well. :) Another food adventure for the books! Good times! 


  1. Tnx for the review.. looks like i will be buying the ensogo voucher now.. ;)

  2. do you know the contact no. of hwaro-in?? i can't contact them.. thank you..

  3. Hi! I'd like to contact them as well. Do you have any idea how? Is it still open?

  4. i believe its still open. :) heres the address :

    Ground, Splensor Bldg. Jorge Bocobo Street, cor. Nakpil st. malate, manila, 1021

    tel. 5540283


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