Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Lunch Out at Joey Peps

Lunch-Out!!! Thank God. My budget for the week is on Red Line already and im so thankful for the free lunch today. The good thing about it is that we had lunch someplace really nice.. We had it at Joey Pepperoni! Love the pizza there. Its so good. Makes me crumble everytime I pass-by upon goin home. Perfect timing to be hungry and broke! haha. I think i ate about 4 slices of pizza. I think this one is the original Joey Pepperoni and the one on top.. i dunno.. :) Im so hungry i dont care what do they call it.. hehe. Its so good!

Now this one is heaven on a plate. Joey Pepperoni's Mud Pie is insanely delicious!!!! Look at that! Lookin at it is simply.. argh.. sinfully good!

Im just happy when we have lunch-outs, we talk about a lot of stuff regarding work,issues, terrible jokes and beyond. These group of people is family and we all work together really hard to finish the tasks... Im proud to be part of the production our boss say, the lifeblood of ensogo.

4 awesome girls of production. From left, Angel - our copywriter, Sanika - copywriter, Clarissa - the legend, master graphic artist and Anne - one of our production coordinators / graphic artist / web admin / photographer.. yeah she does it all! she already! =)

We are on our way back and I cant help myself to take a snap of our beloved building - The One Global Place. The reflection of the clouds shimmer through the shiny glass of the building. Sometimes i find myself weird (or crazy) since i appreciate beauty on a lot of ordinary and mundane things...

On our way up to our desks... Lunch-out is over and its time to work... Thanks Boss Janis for the awesome lunch!

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