Tuesday, January 22, 2013


Yakimix! Im so excited for this deal! Always been a fan of Yakimix ever since. I so love their Sushi and their wide range of fresh seafood to grille.I so love their salmon sashimi. Its soft and tender. Its really delicious. I had a whole plate of salmon sashimi from my last visit! Definitely one of my favorites.  

Look at that! Look how fresh it is. Its like glowing or something! Looks really good in the picture,, imagine havin a bite on its soft, tender meat.. gawd.. writing this blog makes me hungry! 

 My next favorite is their wide choices of Makis. Theres a lot! You got to taste all of em to appreciate it... but then again., the classic favorite which is the California Maki is the first one that I take. Undeniably it tastes really good! 

Wheres are those chopsticks and soy sauce! Go grab a plate and lets eat!!!!

I went to their dimsum area and saw these delicious siomai hanging around...  

...and their tempuras looks crunchy! This one just came off the fryer! 

Once your done, go grab something for dessert! Go grab and pick one! Its quite hard coz theres a LOT to choose from... 

 This place is one of the top buffets in the metro. Its actually at the Top 10 Must-Try buffets under 600 pesos according to spot.ph !  I so love their food.. the ambiance.. the freedom of grilling your own shrimps.. its just a delightful dining experience! No wonder a lot of people love this restaurant so much because of the quality of their food and the service that the offer. Im am happy and honored to have a photoshoot at this place. Im trully blessed. 
Yakimix will soon launch a deal at Ensogo! Please watch out for it! This photoshoot was held at the 5th floor of the Podium Mall in Ortigas. Many thanks to Ms. Aila for this wonderful experience. And also to Divine for accommodating us in the shoot. Thank you! Go buy your vouchers! 

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