Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Reminiscing Banahaw

Im actually reminiscing Mt Banahaw right now. Last time ived been there was way back 2007 . I was with my CYC friends. It was a weekend filled with fun, excitement, cheesiness and little twists of adventure. Photo above is the Kinabuhayan Falls and its one of the sought after destinations in Mt. Banahaw.

We has do so much fun back then. Swimming all day. Spelungking the caves. Its one of those vacations that i cherish. I love this photo of the barkada. All of them is enjoying the gushing water from the falls...

it was summer then and the kids are all over enjoying the cold natural spring water. Love this photo over here. Everybody is busy., everybody is free spirited.. Its just a fun fun day for all the visitors.

We havent reached the summit of Mt. Banahaw. All we did was merely trekking and visiting the cav es. The walk is long. Its hot and its definitely a great workout! I dunno what the hell wer up to but sure its exhausting. As they always say., its not the destination.. its the journey...

Theres one thing you have to do if you happen to visit Banahaw. You have to go to this cave which is filled with natural water and you have to immerse yourself. They say once you undergo the process, your soul will be clean from sins. They also say that if you had a hard time getting inside the cave, you are a very sinful man... by the looks of this photo.. alam na! hehe

Banahaw is the home of many critters such as this centipede. Its really creepy. Just by lookin at it gives me the chills.....

Banahaw is also famous for its anting-antings, diferent kinds of herbs and other spiritual icons. You can see here different kinds of oils that is they say, a cure for most diseases...

moonstones also are popular here in Banahaw. They come in different sizes and colors. I bought the green one and the blue one..

This weekend is really unforgetable for me and my friends. Its like were unplugged from the buzz of the city. No phones (no signal), no internet., no tv... we just mingled, talked, shared stories and jokes and played board games and i even gave my friend a tattoo using my sharpee! haha. It was a blast. Hope we do this again..

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