Friday, January 24, 2014

Royal Picadilly, The 2nd Visit

Royal Picadilly Cafe and Restaurant is one of those places that I really love not only their food is absolutely delicious but also the ambiance of their place is really outstanding. I love a place that serves really good food but not too crowded. Located near La Vista village in Katipunan, just after Ateneo (Petron), this place is..THE place if you love cupcakes. You got to try their red velvet cheesecakes. Its really delicious! 

Not only that! they also serve one of the best oreo cheesecake ever! I really dont know if this is an oreo cheesecake (well i just thought it would be), that cake is just one of the best things ever made on earth. Its just so good. I really love the taste. Its creamy and not that sweet at all. The next time i'l go there id probably buy a couple of these. Its so delicious and it aint BS or anything.. you got to try it! 

the cupcake deserves another photo. yes it does! i love this so much! 

they also have these mini cupcakes. looks really good! 

at first i thought it was just an ordinary cake but when they cut it out, man! it looks really yummeh!!! This is their delicious rainbow cakes. By the looks of it, it looks really delicious! 

 I'm really thankful coz they served me lunch! (thank you!) They served me this really delicious beef in cream and mushroom sauce. Its really delicious! I really enjoyed this meal. I really like the creaminess of the sauce and the beef is soft and tender. This is one of their best sellers. 

while i was doing the shoot for the cakes, they asked me if I wanted some beer. There was a sudden delight that electrified my inner being. I said yes of course! but after the photoshoot :) I had a couple of  bottles of their imported beer! They said they had to import some of their beers all the way from London! I had one of these Fuller's London Pride and it was so damn smooth. This is one delicious beer i tell you. Its so good. 

 they have a wide selection of beers and man its kinda hard to choose! I actually bought a couple of bottles to try.  I bought the Fuller's ESB and the London Porter. 

I really love this restaurant. Its definitely one of my favorites. I would definitely go back here someday since its just along the way upon going home. If you're around Katipunan, you might wanna drop by. Its right after Ateneo, after Miriam College, after La Vista Village. You will see the Petron Gas station and there's restaurants there. Its located at the 2nd floor.  I would like to thank Ms. Cielo and her staff. Thank you so much for their warm hospitality. Thank you for the cupcakes! I enjoyed it so much. I also gave some to my fellow officemates and they loved it too! Thank you thank you thank you! I would love to drop by once again and bring some friends over. 

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Lunar Halo

Lastnight, i heard my sister screaming like mad crazy at the garage saying wow! look at the moon! Then she called me up and told me to look. I was blown away when i saw it. I never seen the moon like this before. The phenomenon is called a Lunar Halo.  It is caused by the refraction of moonlight from the ice crystals found in the clouds... yeah i googled it up. I took this photo using a Lumix LX5 point and shoot camera. I dont have my big camera with me and this is the only one I have at the moment. I laid on the floor (freaking cold cement)  to get a better angle and asked my sister to go point her finger at it. Adding a human element makes an astronomical event a little interesting. That speck at the bottom near the ring is actually the planet Jupiter!  I love this photo even though its not sharp and a bit noisy :) Photo taken January 13, 2014