Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Lunar Halo

Lastnight, i heard my sister screaming like mad crazy at the garage saying wow! look at the moon! Then she called me up and told me to look. I was blown away when i saw it. I never seen the moon like this before. The phenomenon is called a Lunar Halo.  It is caused by the refraction of moonlight from the ice crystals found in the clouds... yeah i googled it up. I took this photo using a Lumix LX5 point and shoot camera. I dont have my big camera with me and this is the only one I have at the moment. I laid on the floor (freaking cold cement)  to get a better angle and asked my sister to go point her finger at it. Adding a human element makes an astronomical event a little interesting. That speck at the bottom near the ring is actually the planet Jupiter!  I love this photo even though its not sharp and a bit noisy :) Photo taken January 13, 2014 

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