Thursday, June 17, 2010

Moments in Albay

We went to Legazpi City and witnessed Philippines most spectacular volcano, Mt. Mayon. At first i was kinda frustrated coz I cant see anything coz of the clouds and even rained! But then again, as the clouds cleared...Mt Mayon boldly showed us how beautiful she is. This is a shot I took from the back of our hotel. Its quite dark but since I love silhouettes,i so dig this photo of Mayon. Love the blue gradient. I used a CPL filter for this and an ND8 filter.

For those people who saw Mayon on a clear day is very fortunate. Most of the time., it is covered with clouds or fog. You cant see most of the volcano. In my case, I was blessed coz the clouds are clear and theres no sign of fog. Such a wonderful sight. Its really different from the books. You got to see it for yourself to appreciate its beauty.

We stayed at Vista Al Mayon Pension house. The place is really nice and cozy. It has a swimming pool at the back with the view of Mayon at the background. The rooms, its large and very clean. The bathroom's shower seems to be extra hot and the temp controls must be broken.

The lobby is really nice. I found a very interesting piece hanging on the wall. These two masks caught my attention. I took a photo of it slightly overexposed.. making the wall super white, giving the mask a nice smooth white background.

Early morning, we took the morning flight at Cebu Pacific. As i was walking towards the plane, Again I saw Mt Mayon at the back. I immediately grab my camera and took a photo. I cropped it using photoshop, giving a panoramic view.

My stay in Bicol was short. Even though, its really worth something to remember. I hope i can go back there some other time. Im looking forward for all the adventures Bicol has to offer. I heard theres a lot more. Next time if time permits., we'll do it all!

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