Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Mio Gelati

strawberry mochi topped with strawberry syrup

Here it is! My first time to try Mochi! I had a scheduled shoot at Mio Gelati over at Greenhills and wow.. their ice cream looks really delicious. Their product will soon to be launched at Ensogo-Livingsocial. This is really good. Its ice cream stuffed inside this "tikoy" like bread. I added some strawberry syrup on top of the Mochi to make it more delicious.

6 Mochis for only P150 pesos! Not bad huh

Their deal - Six pieces of this delicious mochi for only 150 pesos! Thats a really great deal coz it costs more than 300 pesos.   I actually want to buy a voucher for this one coz its a great bargain. I never knew mochi tastes really good. It actually tastes good in the photo. When i tasted it., its really awesome. Im sure you will love it as well. I love the Nutella filled mochi (Top-rightmost).  

A variety of flavors to choose from! 
They also have different kinds of ice creams. They have a variety of choices its kinda hard to choose. Best seller among these is the Ferrero and Pistaccio. =) 

Mochi! I never knew they are so good!

My set-up - 1 strobe at the back of the mochis then my reflector on front. Soft bounce of light gave the mochi's very nice texture. My speedlight is on 1/16. Camera setting : Apperture is on f/9 Shutter is on 1/100 and my ISO is on 200. And i am not shooting on Vivid! Im just shooting on Portrait and using spot meter. :) 

Id like to thank Wendy for helping me out with the shoot. Also, many thanks to Ms. Celine for letting us shoot their products. Go grab a voucher now for this delicious deal from Mio Gelati. 

Great shooting day! =) 

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