Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Watch Photography

Red Line Compressor. Full working chronograph. Solid steel
 bezel on black soft silicone straps

Solus Digital Watch with built in Barometer, Altimeter, Heart
 Rate Monitor and Digital Compass

I used 2 strobes for these photos. I also used a portable product softbox or a "Light Tent" to make the  light from the strobes soft and even. I placed one speedlight at the right side of the light tent. Angled  90 degrees with a stofen diffuser with a power of 1/64. Then the other speedlight is placed at the back, mounted on a tripod, angled straight up,  bouncing it onto the white ceiling. I placed my big reflector on white surface at the left-front of the light tent.  For my camera settings, My shutterspeed is at 1/60, My aperture is at f/4 and my ISO is at ISO100. I used a matrix system for my metering.   

Light Tents are very useful specially on  product photography

For so many months now, I am still finding ways on how to photograph watches with my 50mm lens. I think this is probably the farthest i'ved ever been in terms of quality. Im still looking for that sharpness, that proper lighting, that search for details within the photo... Still learning. More practice!

I really want to master taking pictures of still life objects most specially on product photography since its a big part of my job. I really have to practice more. Experiment more.. and burn more actuations. I really want that workshop from Laya Gerlock and learn some efficient strobing techniques. If i have the resources and the time., i will definitely take that workshop real soon. But for now, i just have to learn for myself. Im also planning to take a food photography workshop at Philippine Center for Creative Imaging or simply PCCI. I found out Mark Floro, one of the best food photographers in Manila is conducting the workshop and boy o boy i wanna learn from that guy. Hopefully Ensogo will sponsor me to take the workshop. =) 

The Solus Digital Watch and the Red Line Compressor
soon at Ensogo-Livingsocial

Im so proud of these photos! =)

Photography by Mac Centeno
Ensogo-Livingsocial Office
Watched by Solus and Red Line

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