Thursday, February 2, 2012

Sportscars Galore at Global City

Ferrari  599 GTO

Regie and I went down at the Basement to shoot this Philips Portable DVD inside Ms. Lani's car and as i got out of the elevator, This one heck of a beast came right in my face! Its the new Ferrari 599 GTO! Damn! That car is a thing of beauty. I just stood there in awe and i cant help myself  to take a  picture. Just moments after., the owner arrived and drove off. This is the same spot where the other sports car park... 

Porsche 911 Turbo
On that very spot, an old porche 911 turbo was parked there. I guess this is also his car. Regie told me he also sees a Skyline GTR - R35 parked there. He's into sports cars and he's probably not rich... 

Look at those breaks! 
The 599 GTO is kinda rare in this country since a few people can only afford it. You must be a billionaire to have one. Not only its damn expensive.. its V12 engine guzzles up gas bigtime! And it should run in High Octane gas. Well., if you can afford to buy a Ferrari, gassin it up is no problem for you... 

a yellow lamborghini gallardo parked outside of our office
In this part of town., there are so many damn rich people here. People driving in 42 Million Peso cars... rolling in their beemers and benzes... and lamborghinis and porches are scarttered everywhere... Sometimes., you'l just shake your head and drool... 

Oh well. my  car is a supercar of its own. We just have to learn to love what we have. Im still fortunate i drive a car coz some people dont. Its not always about the car...its the driver.. =) 


  1. thats not a scaglietti, its a 599 GTO

  2. oh.. i thought it was a scaglietti.. thank you for that!

  3. i updated my blog.. thank you so much!


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