Sunday, February 19, 2012

Keyboard Cups

Cool keyboard cups will definitely make your coffee breaks more fun!
This is probably one of the coolest set of cups that  i ever seen. These keyboard cups is the perfect gift for someone computer addicts like programmers, gamers, bloggers or your typical average geek. Id love to have one of these actually. It is a very nice addition to your kitchen. With its stylish and unique design, drinking a cup of coffee or tea will be more delightful. Its made with high grade plastic and its dishwasher safe. This product will come out at Ensogo-Livingsocial real soon. Go get yours now. Available for pick up and delivery. For more details, go to and click on the deal.
Thanks by the way to Craig, our awesome graphic artist for helping me shoot this product. Thank pre! Yo the man! hehe.

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