Sunday, February 19, 2012

Lamborghini Superlegerra

The Superlegerra is one of the the best cars inside the Lamborghini showroom 
It was a bright sunny afternoon when my officemate told me that theres a really nice car just outside our building. Since the Lamborghini showroom is just downstairs from our office, i knew, theres a new lambo parking inside the showroom. I instantly went to the window and to my surprise, a Lamborghini Superlegerra is inching its way inside Lamborghini Manila. I took a photo from the window and im so not contented with it. The Lamborghini showroom is very strict. You must have an appointment in order to go inside. And they dont allow anyone to take photos. I said to myself, this is my chance! To photo one of my dream cars upclose! I went down along with my camera. My 50mm is mounted and i started taking some shots of the car. Then one of the guards told me please no pictures allowed. I just said ok, sorry. But i already took a couple of shots. I dunno why they prohibit people from taking photos of the car. Its a rolling piece of art that everyone should appreciate and not only for the rich people. The Ferrari showroom actually entertains people to go inside and its ok with them to take photos of the car. Im planning to go there one of these days. Anyways, i just want to share this photo of one of the most ellusive, most expensive car you'l ever buy on Philippines soil. Cars only the rich, can drive....and sometimes even photographed..

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