Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Mrs. Fields

Another food adventure! This time its at Mrs. Fields over at Mckinley Hill in Bonifacio Global City. It was an early shoot and my head is heavy as hell due to lack of sleep. Good thing a cup of Mrs. Fields Cappuccino gave me a wake-up call. I wanted something to pair up with my coffee and this milk chocolate cupcake seems to perfect! Those two are like peas and carrots i tell you. Its so good! 

These are called Brownie Nibblers and damn its so good. If you love brownies, these are one of the best ones. You got to try it to appreciate. I tell you its really good. 

Of course, I also tried Mrs. Fields delicious cookies. One of my favorites are the Chocolate Chip! These are just heaven... These are my favorites actually... If you have cravings for some utterly delicious cookies, brownies and cupcakes, visit Mrs. Fields at a store near you.

Many thanks to Aila for all the help and also to Ms Frances for being so nice with us. Thank you mam! 

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